Answers to YOUR questions about trucking.

  1. How old do I have to be to go to CDL training?
    1. To be eligible for the Driver Solutions company-sponsored CDL training program, you must be 21 years old.  Review other CDL training requirements here.
  2. How do I apply?
    1. You can apply anytime using our secure online application.
  3. Do I have to sign an employment contract?
    1. Yes. When you agree to train with Driver Solutions, you will sign a contract to drive with the company covering your CDL training tuition costs for one year upon completion of truck driving school.
  4. How much money can I make as a first-year PAM driver?
    1. You can make up to $75,000 based on position choice in your first year with PAM Transport.  Learn more about PAM truck driver pay here.
  5. How long will I be away from home?
    1. As an OTR truck driver, you can expect to be away from home for 2-3 weeks at a time.  PAM drivers may also have an opportunity to move into a Dedicated Lane with more frequent home time after just 3 months with the company.
  6. How long is truck driving school?
    1. Most people complete the Driver Solutions' CDL training program in about 4 weeks.
  7. Where are your truck driving school locations?
    1. We have partnerships with some of the top trucking schools in several locations throughout the U.S.  We will always work to find the CDL school closest to you offering the highest quality of training.  Take a look at our truck driving school locations here.
  8. How do I get to CDL training?
    1. All students are required to find their own transportation to and from truck driving school.  There will be other students in class at the same time and many people will carpool.
  9. Am I paid during CDL training?
    1. You will not get paid during CDL training as you are not yet an official employee with the company.

      You will, however, receive paid on-the-job training when you go to work for the trucking company.
  10. How often do I get paid?
    1. Once you begin your truck driving job, you will receive weekly paychecks.
  11. Do I have to drive Team?
    1. No, you will have your choice of driving Team or Solo. Many people choose to go the Team route so they can run more miles and make more money.
  12. Are PAM trucks manual or automatic?
    1. PAM trucks are primarily automatic transmission, with some manual transmission trucks still in its fleet. 
  13. How long does PAM OTR training last (after trucking school)?
    1. New drivers will be out on the road with a Driver Mentor for paid OTR training lasting around 2-3 weeks.

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