FAQ Friday - Part 6

As your complete resource for all things related to truck driving jobs and CDL school, we are on a mission to answer all of your frequently asked questions.   Today, we continue that mission as we move into Week #6 of our FAQ series.  Let's go.... 

This Week's Trucking FAQs

  1. What should I bring with me to CDL school?
  1. Below is a great list of things to bring to CDL school:

- CDL license fees*
- ALL required documents*
- Pens and pencils
- Season appropriate clothing
- Work gloves
- Calculator
- Flashlight
- Notebook

*These are reviewed with you prior to going to school

  1. What are the upfront costs associated with CDL school?
  1. The only upfront costs are licensing fees and food money while at CDL school.   Licensing fees range from state to state and will be discussed prior to training. Most students typically budget around $200 for food money, but it varies on diet/preferences.

Still Have Questions?

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