Answers to frequently asked questions about truck driver pay.

Questions about truck driver pay are mostly from people wondering how much money truck drivers can make, if they're paid by the mile or salary; and what types of trucking positions pay the most money.  Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about truck driver pay in hopes to give you a better understanding on the earning potential of a truck driver.  

How much can truck drivers make in the first year?

Depending on what you do once you graduate, solo or team driving, you can make up to $60k in your first year.

Can you make more driving solo vs. team?

You make more driving team because you are able to put in more miles per week and each driver is paid for all of the truck’s approved miles.

How does truck driver pay work?

It depends per company, but most companies pay a certain amount per mile. For example, if you’re a team earning 44 cents for each mile you put in and you run 5,000 miles in a week, the total truck’s earnings are $2,200.  This comes out to $1,100 per each driver. 

Do truck drivers get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

Most trucking companies pay weekly, but this can vary from company to company.