Choosing the right truck driving school is the first step toward starting a great new career.

Choosing a truck driving school is an important decision to make.  The skills taught at school will be those that shape a new career behind the wheel.  There are several options available and understanding them is critical to a driver’s success.

So, how does one go about weighing the options?  Here's a shortlist of key factors to consider that will make finding the right truck driving school easier.

5 Things To Look For In A Truck Driving School

  1. Quality of Training
    1. A new driver’s skills are only as good as the training received. Look for a state-licensed program that combines classroom knowledge with hands-on experience learned on the range and road.
  2. Job Opportunity
    1. What good is a CDL if you can’t make any money with it? The best truck driving schools provide assistance in finding a great paying job opportunity once CDL training is complete. 
  3. Cost of Training
    1. Paying for truck driving school out of pocket isn’t an option for most people. Find a program that offers a CDL training sponsorship that allows new drivers to get started with little to no upfront tuition costs. 
  4. Length of School
    1. Steer clear of schools that promise a CDL in a week or so.  Learning to drive an 80,000 lbs tractor-trailer takes some time. Reputable truck driving schools usually last around 3-4 weeks.
  5. School Location
    1. Keep in mind that the best truck driving school may not be just down the road.  In fact, the cheapest, closest, and most convenient school isn’t always the best option. If that’s the case, just think of traveling to school as the first road trip on the journey to becoming a truck driver.    

Is Driver Solutions The Right Choice?

Driver Solutions has over 25 years of experience preparing and educating tomorrow’s trucker. Our focus is on the career success of the driver. To achieve that, we work with only the best truck driving schools with several locations across the country.

Start Here!

Here are some REAL reviews from REAL students who went through our program:

"I had a really good experience at C1. From the classroom to the yard. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. There were two instructors that stood out to me and that was Keith and Roland. They both gave me the know how and the confidence to pass my DOT road test and graduate." - Chris B.

"I enjoyed the school. All of the staff had plenty of advice on how to improve on everything. I worked with all the instructor's while I was there. I feel that working with so many different people gave me the insight need to do great. I got a 98 overall in the class. I recommend FTA to anyone who wants quality CDL training." - Alphonza I.

"I really enjoyed working with Drivers Solutions. From the first time contacting my recruiter until graduating CT with my CDL and having to deal with whoever was going to help with placement, I never had any real issues or problems. Anytime I had questions, no matter how basic they were, they were answered quickly. I felt really comfortable with the whole experience and if I had to do it all over again, I would 100% pick Drivers Solutions." - Nickalos C.

"I recommend driver solutions for anyone seeking a truck driving career they were extremely helpful getting started with the future truckers of America and honest and forthright about the entire process it takes to get a CDL they were with me the whole way keeping in contact with me I could not of succeeded without them I’m extremely satisfied thank you for your help." - Rick B.

"My experience with Driver's Solutions was awesome! I had never drove an 18- wheeler truck before or even been in one. It was quite a great experience to learn. Craig runs a tight ship in the yard with his instructors, who by the way are the best and their interactions with the students. LaToya is so kind, thoughtful and willing to help with anything you need in the office. I would recommend to anyone who needs their Class A CDL license and to learn to drive a manual 18-wheeler truck to attend Driver's Solution and CRW's driving school. Also I have had a great Processor for Driver's Solutions, Christina, who has done an awesome job getting my paperwork in order!" - Necie C.

If you're ready to take the leap, when you sign on with Driver Solutions we can partner you with some of the top trucking companies in the industry, including, PAM Transport. Through PAM Transport you will go through the company-sponsored CDL training program and then fulfill your commitment with PAM to have a year of experience under your belt and a lifetime of opportunities! Learn more about PAM Transport as a company by clicking here!