CDL training is for helping new truckers get a Commercial Driver's License.  Many people new to the industry have questions about how it works, who pays for CDL training and how difficult it is to pass the course.  In the section below, we answer some of these frequently asked questions.  

What is CDL training?

CDL Training is a class that teaches men and women the skills needed to obtain a CDL and operate a semi-truck.

Who pays for CDL training?

There are several ways to pay for CDL training, including out of pocket.  CDL training typically costs $6,000-$8,000 which is out of range for most people.  Our Sponsored CDL Training Program covers the upfront tuition costs, requiring graduates to only pay back a small portion over one year of driving.  This is an affordable solution for those who want to pursue the dream of becoming a trucker. 

Where can I get CDL training?

You can get CDL training at truck driving schools throughout the U.S.  Driver Solutions has partnerships with the highest-rated, accredited schools and can help you find one nearby. 

How hard is CDL training?

If you stick with it and fully commit, CDL Training is not difficult for most people.  Over the years, our instructors have perfected proven methods that have been shown to work time and time again in helping drivers successfully complete CDL training. 

What trucking companies offer CDL Training?

Several companies offer CDL training.  Driver Solutions primarily works with PAM Transport because of its unique company-sponsored program which makes the training affordable for those who otherwise couldn’t cover the cost.

How old do you have to be to start CDL Training?

The minimum age to attend our CDL training program is 21 years old.  There is no upper age limit and many individuals turn to trucking as a second career later in life.

Can I go to CDL Training if I have a felony?

 All applications will be considered for our CDL training program.

Where can I get CDL training near me?

We have locations all throughout the U.S.  You can find the closest CDL training location here.