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How to Get A CDL 

Knowing the steps on how to get your CDL can make the process seem a lot easier and smoother. When looking to get into the trucking industry, there might be some things you don't know you need before pursuing this new career. Being in the know is the best way to be successful! Driver Solutions offers 'How To Get A CDL' guides for every state that can come to one of our partnering truck driving schools. This awesome resource page can be found by clicking HERE!

How To Find A Truck Driving School Guide

Research, research, research is the best thing you can do before taking the dive into a completely new career. Figuring out which type of trucking school, the location, cost, etc may be at the top of your list when researching! Deciding whether to pay out of pocket or go with a company-sponsored program. This may lead to having to travel farther than expected but knowing that it will be well worth it in the end. There are many things to look into when it comes to finding the perfect trucking school for you. 

Back to Basics

Whether you're just getting started in trucking or need to brush up on your skills, getting back to the basics is always a good thing. Take a look at back to the basics for before training and on the job here:

First Year In Trucking 

Your first year in trucking may look easier when broken up into 10 stages. Each stage is explained as to what obstacles or completions will happen in your career. Knowing ahead of time what these stages look like will help you better prepare when earning your CDL license. The full video and guide to your first year in trucking can be found by clicking HERE!

Here are the 10 stages in your first year as a trucker that can be found in the guide:

  • Stage 1 - Research
  • Stage 2 - Find the best CDL Training
  • Stage 3 - Study
  • Stage 4 - Prepare
  • Stage 5 - Company Orientation
  • Stage 6 - OTR With Trainer
  • Stage 7 - First Seat Driver
  • Stage 8 - First 6 Months OTR
  • Stage 9 - Months 6-9
  • Stage 10 - Months 9-12


RoadWarriors is an awesome group on Facebook that is made up of truck drivers who are just started out to ones that have 20+ years of experience in the industry. Each day, lots of advice is shared on the page, and old-school trucking camaraderie is posted. Here are some of the best videos from RoadWarriors themselves to help you have a successful trucking career;

Best Of Guide

When getting into the trucking industry, there is a lot you need to know, including top products, truck stops, 24/7 restaurants, etc. Driver Solutions asked real truck drivers themselves to vote on what they believe are the 'best-ofs' of trucking. We put together a guide to help you know before you need to! These are the trucking best-ofs;

PAM Transport Company Guide

If you are ready to get into the trucking industry but don't have the funds available to do so, going through a company-sponsored CDL training program might be just for you! When you go through Driver Solutions, they put you through a company-sponsored training program. What exactly does that mean? It means that the only upfront cost to you is to get your CDL permit and to pay for food while you attending trucking school. Of course, there is a commitment that comes with it.  You can choose from driving solo or team, and with their new pay structure - offering a $10,000 Team bonus ($5k/driver) and 2 pay raises for solo drivers in the 1st 9 months, it's a great first company.