Find out how truck driver pay works.

Truck driver pay is figured differently than most other jobs. Most trucking jobs don’t pay salary or hourly wages, rather over-the-road truck drivers are commonly paid per mile driven. Simply put, the more miles the truck is driven, the more money the trucker makes.

Solo Driver Pay vs. Team Driver Pay

A common question about truck driver pay is: what’s the difference between solo driver pay vs. team driver pay?  This question is best answered by explaining both driving positions’ pay individually, then reviewing the key differences. 

Solo Driver Pay

A solo driver is paid per mile, but by nature he/she drives less miles than a team during the same time period.

Why does a solo trucker drive less miles? Hours of service regulations limit the number of hours a CDL driver can spend behind the wheel before taking a required break.  While on break, the truck is not rolling which means the driver isn’t earning any mileage pay during that time. 

Team Driver Pay 

Like solo drivers, team truck drivers are paid per mile.  The big advantage of driving team is that you're able to drive more miles and bring home bigger paychecks. 

While solo drivers have to stop at the end of their shift, team drivers are able to switch positions and keep the truck rolling.  By getting more overall paid miles, team drivers are able to earn more money.

Find A Truck Driver Job Now

PAM Transport is currently hiring for positions that may include solo and team driving opportunities.  To see what truck driving jobs are available in partnership with Driver Solutions, see our state-by-state job listings here.