Here are some CDL Training School reviews from actual students just like you!

Nothing helps you feel more comfortable when starting a new career than hearing from real people who have gone through the exact same experience. Here are some CDL training reviews from real students who have recently been through our program:

"School was great everyone is very knowledgeable and took the time to help no matter what the situation and they treat you like family I would recommend Future Truckers of America to anyone wanting to get their CDL . Randy the classroom instructor is great very knowledgeable and interacts with the class. Wes is awesome if you don't know how to back a trailer you will before you leave he really knows what he's doing. My favorite driving instructor is Ray and CW I was having the hardest time getting the double-clutching but between the two of them, I can shift the truck smooth as butter. It's really hard to say who stood out everyone was great and awesome at their job. Thank you for sending me to such a great school." - Danny T.

"Driver training was great...Julie really helped me a lot and was very considerate and helpful...the staff, in general, was top notch and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of it all!" - Stephon V.

"My experience was great everyone at C1 contributed to my success. Michael taught me how to shift correctly, then dave taught me how I should turn so I don't hit any obstacles, next carol helped me perfect my parking, and finally, Keith kept me motivated and made me stick with manual instead of switching to automatic at the last minute. Josh put in overtime and let me work on my parking before testing which was very beneficial and Shannon was a very good road instructor as well but overall everyone was very helpful." - Lynnzo J.

"I absolutely enjoyed my CDL training at CRW Jackson, Ms! The instructors are awesome! They encourage and motivate you to make the most of the training opportunity. They know that each student learns differently so they also have one-on-one training as well. Not to mention one of the instructors (Mr Edward) even stood out in the rain through lunch break just to help a student! That gesture showed us, students, how passionate the instructors are!" - Jackie S.

"Everything was fantastic. Rosa was extremely helpful and available to answer all of my questions before beginning the training program. The school was top notch. All of the instructors were so knowledgeable and great teachers. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! " - Katie M.

"Dealing with driver solutions has been an easy process. From day one with David, everything was explained to me and they kept up to date with me throughout the schooling process. The actual training process at Olympic Career Institute went smoothly and the trainers Reggie and Ray are awesome guys and know what they're talking about. Those guys have the patience of a saint dealing with the majority of the class. The entire time, my correspondent with Driver Solutions stayed in touch and was getting things ready to start my career with PAM. Overall, very pleased with the program as a whole and would recommend to others!!" - Jon H.

"My experience at the HCC Northeast Campus for Driver Solutions was great! I was nervous at first being that I've never driven a truck in my life but the trainers there are passionate about teaching and helping those who want to learn. I'd have to say all of my instructors were great. Don was extremely helpful in showing me how to do a lot with the simulation room, he instructed me outside in the field as well on backing techniques and parallel parking. I also appreciate his assistant Mr. JL because he showed me everything I needed to know about pre-trip inspection and air brakes. I appreciate Mr. Steve who was outside every day with me showing me how to offset back and keep my trailer in view of where I needed to guide it. Last but not least Mr. Robert was great at taking me out on the road to teach me how to properly upshift and downshift as well as ways to properly control my truck while driving and turning. The whole experience brought me great joy and I am now a proud CDL driver because of this program. Thank you!​" - Marcus J.

"I would like to start off by saying Melodie from driver solutions was awesome. She kept in touch with me throughout the entire process before ... during and after training. She was very informative.. I prepared me and ensured I was aware of the process and what was needed and expected of me ..She always made herself available to me whenever I needed an answer to a question or if a problem arose with paperwork and etc
Julie... Brenda .. and Mrs.Batts did the same. Julie was always available even after hours to me if i needed anything or had any issues. She made sure I was meeting all the requirements and made sure I had and did everything needed to graduate. Brenda ensured all my documents were accurate and filled out. She kept me informed and worked with me in obtaining anything that was needed. The instructors Mr. Batts.... Ray..Jeff...Chris... Eric..Jay and Wes were patient..professional..knowledgeable.. I feel totally confident in my ability to perform my job duties and functions after attending Future Truckers of America. They all ensured each student learned every aspect of the tractor and trailer in general as well as driving safely and ensuring we were ready for the road. The atmosphere was a friendly and family-like one and I feel like a part of that family. They had many learning tools from classroom instruction... videos... simulation machines ....and trucks in the yard for hands-on training..... with each instructor having their own teaching style I learned something from each one that can be used while out on the road....thank you FTA and Driver Solutions for making my dreams come true!!!!!!" - Terry W.

"All the instructors at AAA trucking school were phenomenal.! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to teach me. They made a dream come true for a boy that grew up around these trucks. Abe, Troy, eves, and Brian will show you anything you need to know. Plus help you out when you’re out of the school. Not many good folks like that anymore. Thank you guys!!" - Richard S.

"From making the decision to become a truck driver to receiving the CDL in my hand was a life-changing experience for me.  It was fast-paced and challenging, but overall extremely rewarding.  From talking with my recruiter, my local DMV, Driver Solutions, C1 Trucking School and others, I felt happy and confident that I could achieve this goal because they had laid out a structured, organized and realistic plan for me to obtain my CDL if I just followed through with their easy steps.  Everyone I came in contact with throughout this experience has been helpful, courteous, supportive and inspirational.  I could not have asked for a better group of people to help me on my journey in achieving my CDL.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to put their share of effort into getting their CDL, because I know firsthand that the people throughout this program will work just as hard in helping those who want to make their dreams come true." - Codie M.

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