Learning A New Career Goes Beyond Just Attending Truck Driving School.

Learning & Training Doesn't Stop After CDL School

The training doesn’t stop after truck driving school; In fact, CDL training is just the beginning. Following trucking school, new drivers will report to their Driver Solutions partner trucking company to begin paid over-the-road training. You will spend time OTR with your mentor before you're released on your own. It’s part of the commitment Driver Solutions and our partners have made to ensure new truck drivers get their career started on the right track. 

OTR Training

New drivers are paired with driver trainers (Driver Mentors) for over-the-road training. During this phase, driver trainers introduce the “ways of the road” to new drivers. Because OTR trucking can be a drastic lifestyle change, OTR training helps new drivers get accustomed to the demands of the job.  

The Driver Solutions Advantage

The strength of the Driver Solutions program is our close relationships with the sponsoring trucking companies. This partnership ensures that the new drivers we train are given an opportunity to continue to learn on the job.

The companies we work with understand what it’s like to be a new truck driver and work together to build a positive experience that will lead to a lasting career. Our goal is to help people begin new careers, not just find a job. 

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