Maximize Truck Driver Pay with MISSION MPG from PAM Transport

When it comes to trucking, fuel efficiency is important.  That’s why we’ve been bringing you information about PAM Transport’s MISSION MPG program. What is MISSION MPG, you ask? It’s a program the company implemented to reward drivers for their fuel efficiency with cash prizes and incentives. Drivers compete against other company drivers and those that perform in the top 40%, 25%, and 10% of their peer group are eligible for said prizes and incentives.

But MISSION MPG isn’t just a snazzy name for the program. Each letter in the name represents a different tip for maximizing fuel efficiency. We’ve covered all of them individually and today giving you the full breakdown on what it all means. 

Minimizing RPMs:  Minimizing RPMs is an easy way to conserve fuel. To do this, use cruise control whenever possible and use the lowest possible RPM in the highest possible gear.

Idle Off:   Whenever possible, turn the engine off instead of idling. Idling uses one gallon of fuel for every hour spent idling, which can rack up to about $7,200 a year. Not only can it hurt the pocketbook, it can cause problems with engine wear and pollution.

Speed:  Reducing speed is a straight-forward way to reduce your fuel consumption. For every mile per hour reduction in speed in a top gear, an additional 0.1 mpg can be achieved.

Shifting Techniques:  Progressive Shifting minimizes RPM fluctuation and keeps the engine near peak torque. Progressive shifting is the act of bringing RPMs up just high enough to shift into the next gear.

Inflation and Inspection:  Tire pressure is crucial for fuel efficiency. Maintain the steering tires at 110 pounds and the drive tires at 100 pounds. Every 10 PSI below results in .05 mpg loss.

On Time Maintenance:  Preventative maintenance is important for maintaining fuel efficiency and will ensure that the truck is running at peak efficiency.

Narrow the Gap:  Aerodynamics can influence fuel efficiency as well. Minimize the gap between the tractor and trailer to less than 30 inches for a mpg increase of .25. A gap in excess of 30 inches can increase drag by over 2%.

The Benefits of MISSION MPG

I know you’re wondering, what are these perks of the MISSION MPG program? What do I get out of watching my fuel efficiency?

The Grand Prize winner received a Harley Davidson, and four additional drivers received Honda 4-wheelers at this year’s MISSION MPG event. And these awesome prizes are on top of the cash Incentives the top 40, 25, and 10% of drivers earned for their fuel efficiency! Throughout the year, PAM Transport awarded over $600,000 in cash and prizes. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is!