Narrow The Gap - Earn Fuel & Safety Money from PAM Transport

There's no better feeling than earning money for a job well done.  I think we all can agree on that!   After all, hard work should always pay off, right?  Many truck drivers know that incentives are available for certain milestones with a company.  But what are some of the performance based opportunities?   

One opportunity to make more money that deserves some attention is fuel efficiency.  Think about it for a minute.  Filling up a truck with fuel is expensive and company wide it's easily one of the highest controllable costs.  Notice we say controllable costs.  That's because by making some relatively small changes, MPGs can be greatly improved and money can be saved. 

Example: for every mile per hour reduction in speed while in top gear, an additional 0.1MPG can be achieved.  Seems small, right?  Turns out that can save millions of dollars for a company operating thousands of tractors. 

That's great for not only the company, but also the drivers.  Especially PAM Transport drivers.  Enter MISSION MPG - PAM Transport's program to reward and recognize its most fuel efficient drivers.

How Does MISSION MPG work?

PAM Transport’s MISSION MPG program allows its drivers to earn incentives in the form of cash and prizes for performing in the top of their peer group when it comes to fuel efficiency.  What this means is that PAM Transport drivers compete against other drivers with similar equipment and those that perform in the top 40%, 25% and 10% in their peer group are elgible for incentives and prizes.  These incentives include $100 month incentives, $250 quarterly cash, $1,000 annual bonsues PLUS prize eligibility.  

MISSION MPG is more than just an awesome program to reward PAM Transport drivers for hard work.  Each letter in the "MISSION" stands for something that helps improve fuel efficiency.  Let's take a look at the final "N" now!  Don't worry, there are links below to get caught up on all of the tips.

Narrow the Gap

The “N” in MISSION MPG stands for Narrow the Gap.

“Based on fuel efficiency testing with a 30” gap, we know that drivers can improve their average MPG by as much as 0.25 by simply sliding the 5th wheel forward to reduce their trailer gap distance. This may not sound like much but it can be the difference between finishing in  the Top 25% and the Top 10% in your MPG Peer Group each month.” - Shane Boyd, Fuel Manager at PAM Transport

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