3 Tips for Minimizing RPM’s & Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

The Mission MPG program from PAM Transport is designed to reward PAM’s most fuel-efficient drivers for their hard work throughout the year.  Saving fuel means saving the company money – money that PAM Transport graciously invests back into its drivers.  In fact, over the last year the company awarded over $600,000 in cash and prizes to its top drivers.  How cool is that? 

The “Mission” in “Mission MPG” isn’t just a clever name.  There’s some meaning behind it as each letter represents a tip for improving fuel efficiency.  We’re going to be breaking down each letter and each tip to help everyone reading this get more miles each and every time they fill up.  We know that’s a pretty lofty goal, but we think we can do it.  Let’s get started with the “M” in “Mission” right now…


The “M” in “Mission” stands for “Minimizing RPMs” (revolutions per minute) by doing the following:

  • Use Cruise Control in Top Gear whenever possible.  The difference between 62 MPH in 9th gear vs. 10th gear is 1.0 MPG, and using Cruise will minimize RPM fluctuations.  While 1.0 MPG may not seem like a lot, it quickly adds up over time.  Across a fleet, this can mean millions of dollars.
  • Let it roll!  Disable the Jake Brake when coasting to a stop.  The Jake Brake is an important safety feature to assist with speed reduction in emergencies, but increases RPM’s…decreasing MPG’s.

Special Tip from MISSION MPG Elite Driver, Edward Becker:

  • Use the lowest possibly RPM in the highest possible gear.  I let the motor go down as much as I can before shifting to the next gear.  Just don't let it scream! 

Have Some Tips of Your Own?

How do you minimize RPM's?  Share below in the comments section!

What's Next?

We will tackle the "I" in Mission MPG.  Any guesses what it stands for?