Proper Tire Pressure Inflates PAM Driver Wallets

All professional truck drivers are required to perform a pre-trip inspection before each trip.  One very important part of this inspection is checking the tires.  While certain things like tread wear, bulges, and cuts may stand out, sometimes tire pressure can get skimmed over.  As it turns out, proper inflation can not only slow down tire wear and prevent things like bulges. It can also mean more money for the driver. 

More Money?  Really?

Yes!  PAM Transport truck drivers earned over $600,000 in cash and prizes last year for being at the top of their peers when it comes to fuel-efficiency.  And every one of the top drivers will tell you a large part of being fuel-efficient has to do with their truck’s tires – particularly making sure they’re properly inflated.  So how did they qualify for the extra money and prizes?  It’s easy - these drivers simply took advantage of PAM Transport’s MISSION MPG program.

Here’s What MISSION MPG is All About

Simply put, MISSION MPG is a program that rewards PAM Transport drivers for being fuel-efficient with incentives and prizes.  Each letter in the MISSION represents a particular tip that when put into practice will increase the number of miles a driver gets each time they fill up.

Inflation & Inspection of Tire

The 2nd “I” in MISSION MPG stands for Inflation and Inspection

  • Check your tire pressures daily.  Maintaining steers at 110 lbs. and drive tires at 100 lbs will significantly reduce rolling resistance.  Every 10 PSI below this results in 0.05 MPG loss.  Check your fluid levels daily and top them off as needed for peak truck efficiency.   - Testing done by Cummins Engine and tip validated by Shane Boyd, Fuel Manager at PAM Transport

3 More Reasons Proper Tire Inflation Is Important

  1. Low tire pressure can cause increased wear on tires often resulting in failure
  2. Properly inflated tires mean less overheating and fewer blowouts meaning minimal downtime due to tire issues
  3. Low tire pressure means increased stopping distance (not good when that 4 wheeler in front of you slams on the brakes)

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