The Best Mattresses For Semi Trucks

We asked truck drivers to share recommendations for the best mattresses for a good nights sleep in a semi truck. These are their answers!

Here are the top 4 best mattresses that were voted by truckers themselves.

#1 - Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

Not only is the purple mattress voted #1 by truck drivers, it is also voted #1 for customer satisfaction told by their website. Although these can be quite pricey, they are the best when it comes to comfort. They have what they call the "purple grid", this is a "comfort technology that instantly and intelligently adapts to your body to softly cradle your hips and shoulders and firmly support your back’s natural shape" (Purple Mattress). Sounds really comfy to me and probably worth the money!! Check out what they have to offer here.

#2 - Pillowtop

The #2 voted mattress for semi-trucks is the pillowtop mattress. Pillowtop mattresses are said to be some of the most sought after kinds. This is because their soft-top helps alleviate pressure points. Some may even say that it feels as though they are staying at a luxury hotel. A lot of pillowtop mattresses are known to not be the best when it comes to durability, but if you do your research and invest in the nicer of the pillow tops offered, you are sure to find one that will last you for many years. These mattresses can be found in many places, one of the websites you can find them on is here

#3 - Bamboo

Bamboo Mattress

Our #3 voted best mattress voted by truck drivers is a bamboo. Not only is bamboo an environmentally friendly material.. which is a plus! It also ensures that the mattress will be "resistant to dust, mites, bacteria, and odor. It also provides a cool, soft, and smooth surface for the ultimate sleeping experience" (Sleep Is Simple). Just like pillowtop mattresses, bamboo mattresses have many different places and brands you can choose from. Be sure to do your research before making this purchase. Check out the different types of bamboo mattresses that you can buy here

#4 - Northern Nights

The #4 voted the best mattress is the Northern Nights. These mattresses have multiple foam layers, including a gel one on top. The quilting has a fire-retardant cotton barrier, and not to mention, they offer a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. They have multiple styles and sizes to choose from. You can see more about their mattresses here

Didn't see your favorite mattress listed here? Feel free to comment! We love hearing opinions!