The Best Fridges For Truckers

What is the best fridge for truckers?

We asked this question to thousands of truck drivers, narrowed it down to our finalists, then did some voting.  The top 2 fridge options for truckers are listed below with helpful links if you want to pick one up. 

#1 - Dorm Fridge

Dorm Fridge

Of course this would be one of the top choices, who wouldn't go for a fridge meant for small spaces?

We suggest this mini fridge from Amazon - voted THE best dorm fridge. Click here to check it out. Of course not all of us have $200 sitting around to give up for a new fridge.  If that's the case, take a look at what came in #2 on the list. 

#2 - Walmart Mini Fridge

Walmart Mini Fridge

Truckers love a good deal on a mini fridge and Walmart has a great selection.  For example, maybe you've only got $100 but still want something that will get the job done  Walmart has a lot to choose from such as this Frigidaire single door fridge

Didn't see your favorite fridge listed here? Feel free to comment! We love hearing opinions!