The Best Restaurants for Truckers

What are the best restaurants for truck drivers?

Food is important & we all LOVE some good food!  But what are the go-to restaurants for truck drivers.  You know, places that are open 24/7 and always serving up some quality dishes.  Well, here are the top 4 best restaurant chains that were voted by truckers themselves.

#1 - Waffle House

Waffle House

Okay, who doesn't love Waffle House?! I don't think anyone is surprised that this was our #1 choice!

Waffle House locations an be found in multiple states and cities around the U.S., making it easy for truck drivers to find a 24 hour place to take a little break and eat some delicious grub. Check out their locations and menu here

#2 - IHOP

Did someone say pancakes? You really can't go wrong when it comes to stopping for some tasty treats at an IHOP. 

IHOP, just like Waffle House, also has multiple locations around the U.S. and is open 24/7 to satisfy any time of day cravings. Check out their locations and their full menu here

#3 - Dennys

"Welcome to Dennys"! Dennys is known as a place that delivers good quality food for a very low price. 

The amount of food you can get on one plate for less than $7 is awesome and just what every trucker needs if rolling on a budget.  You can find their locations and menu items here.

#4 - Whataburger


Whataburger isn't as big of a chain as #1-3, but if you happen to be nearby a Whataburger location - it's a must try!

It sounded so good that I had to check out their website myself and let me tell you. All things looked so delicious it'd make anyone drool. Is it lunch time yet? can check out their locations and amazing menu items here

Didn't see your favorite restaurant chain listed here? Feel free to comment! We love hearing opinions!