PAM Transport Quarterly Recap - Vol 1, Issue 2

The second issue of PAM Transport Quarterly dives into some of the happenings going on behind the scenes within the company.  Highlights included a breakdown on the driver support system at PAM and exciting features being tested on the newest fleet of trucks. 
Outlined below is our pick of the top articles from the second issue of PAM Quarterly along with links for more information.  These articles are designed to help you stay informed and successful during all phases of your trucking career. Simply click on a headline below to jump down to that section. 

PAM Quarterly - What's Included

A Message from the President

Dan Cushman PAM President

“Welcome to one of the best transportation companies in North America today. We take tremendous pride in our company. We think you have made a great career choice and we hope you are as excited as we are that you choose to drive for PAM Transport.

PAM Transport, Inc. has a very strong and successful history, and I feel our best times are ahead of us.  Our purpose is still to provide safe, dependable, on-time service for our customers.

We are committed to making your work experience with PAM Transport a great one. We can do this by providing you a safe work environment, getting you the miles you need to make a living, meeting the commitment we make to sure you get home, and providing you with some of the best equipment in the industry..."

Behind the Scenes with PAM's Driver Support Team

PAM Driver Support

PAM Transport has an amazing support team in place to help new drivers begin a successful career in trucking.  This team works together to follow up with drivers during 30, 60 & 90 day milestones to make sure all truckers receive the support they need and get answers to any questions or concerns that might pop up. 

Best of the Best - A Home Away from Home

PAM Transport Trucks

PAM has greatly invested in its fleet to provide drivers with the newest possible trucks and technology.  Part of this means making a commitment to always be testing new things as they become available. 

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Delivering Load - Start to Finish

From start to finish, there's quite a bit involved in delivering a load.  More than you might think.  And doing it time after time with little to no mishaps means having a complete understanding on how the process works.  

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The articles featured here are just a small sampling of the company happenings from the 2nd edition of the PAM Quarterly magazine.  For more on what's going on at PAM, we invite you to use the link below to see the entire digital publication. 

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