Behind the Scenes with PAM’s Driver Support Team

PAM Transport understands that starting a new career can be challenging at times. It's a big adjustment...especially when we're talking about trucking. 

That's why having a support system in place for new drivers is such an important piece to the puzzle.  It allows PAM to better connect with its company truck drivers and correct any issues that may arise during the onboarding process/early stages of a new career.  And when it comes to driver support at PAM Transport, it's a 3-person team spearheading the company's efforts and making a difference. 

3 driver advocates at PAM Transport include:

  • Fred Meek is the Operations Driver Retention Coordinator
  • James (Jim) Brown is the Driver Development Monitor
  • and Kathy Snodgrass is the Fleet Monitor

Together, this team works with drivers on a daily basis to assist with their trucking success at PAM Transport.

30, 60 & 90 Day Milestone PAM Driver Follow Up

One big part of making new student drivers feel welcome at PAM trucking is the 30, 60 and 90 day follow up.  And leading these efforts is Fleet Monitor, Kathy Snodgrass.  Part of her job at PAM is making contact with drivers during these important milestones throughout the first 3 months to make sure they are getting the support they need, answers to any questions they might have an resolutions to any concerns that might pop up. 

At each milestone, the PAM driver receives personal communication to make sure they are on the right track.  Some examples of the follow up that may take place during each call are outlined below...

30 Day Anniversary Calls
During these calls, PAM's trucking support team checks in to make sure that equipment is performing up to company standards and that communication between the PAM driver and departments is going well.  The driver is also asked how he/she feels about the miles they are getting and if they are becoming more comfortable driving for PAM while getting used to the duties of a new job.  Finally, all drivers are given the chance to ask any questions or bring up any concerns before being reminded to use the Smith System and stay safe. 

60 Day Anniversary Calls
This follow up call addresses any questions or previous issues that were brought up by the PAM driver.  It's also a time where the PAM support team makes sure that the driver is feeling comfortable with the skills he/she is developing behing the wheel.  Again, the driver is giving a chance to ask any questions before being reminded on who to contact shouly any needs arise. 

90 Day Anniversary Calls
On the 90 day support calls with PAM drivers, any questions or concerns that have been previously raised are addressed to make sure all is satisfactory.  The driver is also given instructions on how to determine if they are eligible for the Safe Driver ball cap.  Additionally, the driver is reminded that at 6 months of safe driving they will be eligible to get a nice Safe Driver jacket and at 1 year a beautiful ring for a perfect safe driving record.  The driver is reminded that they are a valuable part of the PAM team and reminded on who to contact should any needs arise. 

New Driver Support in Action

See how the new driver support system helped a PAM driver get back on track in the below story as told by Kathy Snodgrass...

Recently I was faced with finding a plan to assist a driver during her 30 day anniversary to help her become successful in her newly chosen career as a driver for PAM Transport. Speaking with her I learned that she and her team mate were taking their truck in for service because it was having mechanical issues and needed a few other minor things fixed.

She let me know that communication with her daytime Driver Manager was phenomenal and he was very helpful with any issues or questions she had experienced. However, communication with other departments had not been as helpful. In spite of that, she said she feels comfortable with how the company operates and that she is getting good miles. To make sure that her concerns were reviewed appropriately, I communicated with the supervisors of those departments.

When I spoke with her again at her 60 day anniversary, she happily reported that there had been great improvements regarding the previous issues.

Unfortunately, she was now experiencing difficulty with her teammate being rude and controlling. We were able to reassign her teammate while we look for another partner for her since she still has to fulfill her teaming commitment.  She did say that she was much more comfortable driving alone because she feels pressured and insecure when someone is watching her drive. A short time later she told me that since then she has been able to master many backing maneuvers and is much more confident in her driving skills.

On her 90 day anniversary she told me that everything was perfect! She is very happy with the company and is excited because she is improving her driving skills on a daily basis. She now feels like she will be a successful driver for PAM Transport.

This is why I do what I do. The PAM team works to make sure our drivers have the resources they need to be successful. If you are frustrated or having difficulties or, maybe you’re even thinking about throwing in the towel, please take a minute to rethink your options. Our goal is to help you become safe, professional, successful drivers while enjoying a long term career with PAM. We have a great support network designed to assist with your needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

Now that's a perfect example of a PAM trucking career that was able to get back on track simply by having these new driver touch points and an amazing support team behind the company!

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