PAM Transport Quarterly Recap - Vol 1, Issue 1

The first issue of PAM Transport Quarterly provides an in-depth look into company happenings and highlights.  Among the topics featured are driver success stories along with the latest updates on facility and equipment improvements throughout the company. 
Below you'll find a summary of the top articles from this edition of the PAM Quarterly along with links for more information.  All content featured is designed to help you stay informed and successful during all phases of your trucking career. Just click on a headline below to jump down to that section. 

PAM Quarterly - What's Included

A Message from the President

Dan Cushman PAM President

“Welcome to one of the best transportation companies in North America today. We take tremendous pride in our company. We think you have made a great career choice and we hope you are as excited as we are that you choose to drive for PAM Transport.

PAM Transport, Inc. has a very strong and successful history, and I feel our best times are ahead of us.  Our purpose is still to provide safe, dependable, on-time service for our customers.

We are committed to making your work experience with PAM Transport a great one. We can do this by providing you a safe work environment, getting you the miles you need to make a living, meeting the commitment we make to sure you get home, and providing you with some of the best equipment in the industry..."

Executive Perspective - PAM Improving Driver Experiences

PAM Transport Driver Lounge

From operations to its trucks and facilities, PAM is commited to creating a comfortable, productive environment for drivers.  This includes continuing to introduce new tractors and trailers, as well as making it a point to renovate driver lounges.  Additionally, PAM has rolled out a new Driver App that makes communication both inside and outside of the truck possible with just a few clicks.  

Meet the Sheneman's: A Team Trucking Success

PAM Transport Team Drivers

This article introduces you to husband and wife Team HazMat drivers, Todd and Penny.  After 30 years of marriage, this couple decided to hit the road together in a career that would provide them with good money while getting the opportunity to see our beautiful country. Todd and Penny did their research before deciding to go with PAM Transport because of the benefits offered through its Team HazMat program. 

Trucker's Toolbox

Truckers Toolbox

When it comes to trucking, preparation is key.  Weather changes, road conditions change and sometimes breakdowns happen.  All PAM Transport drivers have the support of a Road Rescue team behind them during times of need.  That being said, having the right tools with you can save time and headaches should something unexpected come up. 

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