The Best of the Best for PAM Transport Drivers

When out on the road, your truck is your home away from home. Why not make it the best it can be?

As with any other home, your truck needs, and deserves, improvements. It's why PAM works so hard to keep it's fleet one of the newest in the industry.

But PAM's commitment to making your truck the best it can be doesn't stop there. PAM also continually looks for new features and technologies to add to its trucks to improve drivers' experiences, efficiency, and safety while out on the road. Check them out below:

Electric APUs

Every new tractor in the PAM Transport fleet, both International and Freightliners, is now equipped with electric APUs. What that means is that drivers can utilize comfort items such as laptops, cell phone charges, portable televisions, mini fridges, and additional heating and cooling systems, without having to idle the truck.

The benefits of electric APUs for drivers is twofold: they get to enjoy those comfort items that help make their truck feel like home, and by utilizing the electric APU, they also eliminate wear on the engine, lessen the clogging of the after treatment emissions system, all while saving fuel.

Additional Features to be Tested

On top of adding electric APUs to its new trucks, PAM is also testing various other tools to help improve the safety of its trucks.

Disk Brakes

PAM will be adding disk brakes to all of its 2017 tractors to improve stopping distance. Disk brakes will help trucks better comply with RSD (reduced stopping distance) guidelines.

Automatic Manual Transmissions (AMTs)

AMTs allow trucks to save on fuel and increase fuel efficiency by shifting for you. AMTs sense the load a truck has and automatically put the tractor in the right gear.

Collision Mitigation Systems

Collision Mitigation Systems are also being tested. These systems detect and alert drivers of stationary, stopped, and moving vehicles that are in the path of the tractor.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with "Active Braking" technology, meaning that the system will apply the brakes in order to lessen the impact of an accident that can't be avoided.

Haptic Warning

Similar to the Active Braking technology in Collision Mitigation Systems, Haptic warning pulsates the brakes in short increments, helping drivers to respond faster to a possible rear end collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Perhaps one of the most exciting features PAM will be testing, adaptive cruise control maintains a set speed when the lane ahead is clear, just like a normal cruise control system.

But the ACC goes a step further, and automatically adjusts a tractor's speed to maintain a safe following distance when another vehicle is deteted ahead.

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