A Powerful Message from PAM Transport’s President

Dan Cushman, President and CEO of PAM Transport, works hard to ensure that PAM drivers not only provide top-notch service to its customers, but that they are provided with some of the best working conditions and benefits in the transportation industry, too.

On top of great benefits such as the Mission MPG Giveaway, PAM works hard to provide its drivers a safe work environment, get its drivers the miles they need, meet the commitment to get them home time, and put them behind some of the best trucking equipment in the industry.

If you’re wondering just how PAM is carrying out this mission, take a look at the message from Dan that was recently featured in the PAM Quarterly magazine. Here, Cushman adresses all PAM drivers, especially the new ones...

A Message from the President

“Welcome to one of the best transportation companies in North America today. We take tremendous pride in our company. We think you have made a great career choice and we hope you are as excited as we are that you choose to drive for PAM Transport.

PAM Transport, Inc. has a very strong and successful history, and I feel our best times are ahead of us. Our purpose is still to provide safe, dependable, on-time service for our customers.

We are committed to making your work experience with PAM Transport a great one. We can do this by providing you a safe work environment, getting you the miles you need to make a living, meeting the commitment we make to ensure you get home, and providing you with some of the best equipment in the industry.

In an attempt to maintain a fresh fleet we are purchasing new trucks yearly. PAM Transport’s equipment will position you for comfort and success.

Historically, PAM Transport has been heavily involved in the automotive industry. The good thing about being involved in this business segment is that it offers a lot of round trip opportunities for our drivers. The less than positive thing about it is that it exposes us to significant downtime due to economic conditions. We have not only diversified our automotive customer base, but have added a significant number of top rated shippers. Our growth in our Mexico, Expedited, and Dedicated Divisions will provide our driving professional team members with consistent, productive miles.

We are committed to seeing that our company is recognized as, and remains, a quality carrier in the industry. We commit to you, our driving professionals, to provide the best equipment and technology to perform your duties. With these tools, your cooperation, and hard work, we can ensure that our service is safe, reliable, and on-time. By providing the quality demanded by our customers, we will all prosper and provide a secure future for ourselves and our customers.”


Daniel Cushman
President & CEO

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(Feature photo via: http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/102394/dan-cushman-sales-job-helps-turn-around-pam-transport?page=all)