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Want to see trucking videos from real truck drivers living life out on the road?  From how to get a CDL license, to understanding truck driver pay, to how to find the best jobs with CDL training, we've got you covered.  Take a look at some of our most popular truck driver videos below…

CDL Training - Getting Your CDL License

Getting your CDL license all starts with going to CDL training to learn everything you need to pass the written permit tests, pre-trip inspection, and CDL skills test.  At Driver Solutions, we have a company-sponsored CDL training program that allows you to go to trucking school without any upfront training costs.  After successfully completing CDL training and getting your CDL license, you'll be able to start a trucking job making up to $75,000 in just the 1st year.  Learn more on the Driver Solutions CDL training program by watching this video...

Videos on How to Get a CDL

Watch more videos about getting a CDL license and the CDL training programs that are available to help you become a truck driver using the links below:

Truck Driving School Reviews

Going to truck driving school is a big decision toward a new career.  When looking at truck driving school reviews online, be sure to keep in mind the quality of CDL training, length of truck driving school and truck driver job opportunities that are available upon completion.  The best truck driving schools, like Driver Solutions, have been in business for a long time and work with some of the top trucking companies out there to provide CDL training.  Watch the video below as Trucker Wayne shares his review on going to Driver Solutions for truck driving school...

Videos on Truck Driving School Reviews

Watch videos from drivers who have been to truck driving school to get a CDL license.  Learn which trucking schools and trucking companies are the best in the industry. 

Truck Driver Pay & How It Works

Do you understand truck driver pay?  How about the difference between solo and team truck driver pay?  Do you know how much truck drivers make in the 1st year?  It's important to understand how much money you will make per mile as a truck driver and how many miles you will typically get each week.  You need to know what extra money might be available and if other performance-based incentives are offered.  By understanding truck driver pay, you can manage your budget accordingly, save money as a truck driver and work a career where you will always have a job.  Watch the video below as Trucker Wayne shares the truth about truck driver pay during the 1st year and beyond. 

Videos on Truck Driver Pay

Watch videos about 1st year truck driver pay, how much drivers are paid per mile and more below. 

PAM Transport Driver Jobs

PAM Transport driver jobs pay up to $75,000 in the first year!  On top of that, PAM Transport offers a company-sponsored CDL training program that allows new drivers to get a CDL license without having to pay upfront tuition.  PAM Transport is one of the best trucking companies out there to help drivers start a lifelong career in the trucking industry.  Watch the video below as PAM Transport driver, Trucker Chad shares his experience with the company...

Videos on PAM Transport

If you're looking for PAM Transport videos about what it is like to drive for PAM, we have you covered.  Watch videos from experienced PAM truckers below.

Truck Driver Jobs with CDL Training

Looking for truck driver jobs with CDL training in your area?  Driver Solutions working with trucking companies who offer a 4 week training class to help you get a CDL license and start a truck driver job making up to $75,000 in just the first year.  Watch the video as Trucker G shares his top 3 benefits of truck driving jobs...

Videos on Truck Driver Jobs with CDL Training

Need to get your CDL license fast?  Looking for a truck driving job with CDL training?  Use the links below for more videos on how you can find the best truck driver jobs in your area offering CDL training. 

Learn About Our Video Bloggers

Matt From Bonafide Trucking: Matt came into the trucking industry about 3 years ago, after some tough times, trucking helped him turn his life around. He now has a Facebook page called, It's Deeper Than Trucking, with all things inspiring for those looking to get into the trucking industry. He is the newest of our video bloggers but has joined in with some strong and inspiring videos for new and veteran truckers to learn from!

Here are his top 3 most popular videos thus far:

Trucker Queens: The Trucker Queens are two sisters, Nicole and Charlie, who got started on their trucking careers a little over a year ago. They joined the Driver Solutions program together and started out team driving. Now, they have gone their separate ways onto new experiences in the trucking industry, but are still going strong!

The Trucker Queens have covered many topics, but here are their top 3 most popular videos thus far:

Trucker Wayne: Trucker Wayne has been trucking for a while now as has held almost all the different types of trucking positions. Starting out as a new driver, to flat bedding, he has now moved on to an owner-operator. He is a big fan of traveling and outlines the benefits that truck driving gives when it comes to seeing different attractions around the U.S. Wayne has many different groups that he leads to giving motivation to truckers everywhere.

He has many videos, but here are his top 3 most popular videos thus far:

Trucker G: G has been in the trucking industry for years, out of all of our video bloggers, he has the most experience. Years and years of great experience only means that he has great advice to give truckers that are new and veteran. Trucker G helps other truck drivers out each day, his messages are always open to help give advice to those in need. Trucker G and his wife, Mrs. G, have been on the road for a few months now, and have shared many videos with us.

Here are his top 3 most popular videos thus far: