Team or Solo Truck Driving?

Wanting to get into trucking? Unsure if you should do team or solo driving starting out?

Trucker Chad talks about why YOU should do TEAM driving! PAM does not require you to be a team truck driver, but team drivers are able to get more miles and make more money. Becoming a team driver you will be making up to 20-25% more money per mile. Since the truck will basically be running all the time, the paychecks will be better due to more miles per week. It may also be easier to start out with someone else with you to help out with parking, backing up, etc.

Trucker Chad suggests giving it a shot, don't completely take it out of the picture without giving it a try. If you aren't liking it, you are always able to switch over to solo driving. We can help you get started today, fill out an application here.

WATCH: Why You Should Be a Team Truck Driver