Hot Topics in the Truck Driving Industry

An extremely important aspect of being a truck driver is staying up to date on the latest truck driving news and trends. This collection of blog posts is intended to do just that. Get up to speed and stay updated on the hottest topics, from new technology to regulatory news, in the trucking industry.

What's Up With Trucking?

  1. What if Truck Drivers Weren't Paid by the Mile?

    One of the biggest contributing factors to the current truck driver shortage, this post examines what life would be like for truckers if the way they were paid was different.
  2. Truck Driver Shortage

    Everything you need to know about the current issue the trucking industry is facing: the driver shortage.
  3. Fixing the Truck Driver Shortage

    A post intended to start an open and honest discussion about possible solutions to the truck driver shortage.
  4. Self-Driving Semi Trucks

    The first self-driving commercial truck licensed to drive on the U.S. public highways has hit the road in Nevada.  But the question remains - is this a good or bad thing?  And perhaps more importantly, what does it mean for the future of truck driving jobs?
  5. Next Generation Trucks

    Comfort & Connectivity - that's the name of the game for the next generation of trucks.  From more power options for electronics to heated and cooled seats, it's all about creating a more inviting, yet productive environment. 
  6. How PAM Transport is Using Trucker Tech Tools

    As technology continues to evolve, trucking companies like PAM Transport are utilizing advanced tools to monitor over 1,600 trucks that could be on the road at any one time. 

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