How PAM Transport Is Using Trucker Tech Tools

PAM Transport Using Technology To Improve Driver Experience

As technology continues to evolve, trucking companies like PAM Transport are utilizing advanced tools to monitor over 1,600 trucks that could be on the road at any one time.  Gone are the days of T-cards and pay phones.  No longer are daily check call's necessary just to know everything is fine. 

Each PAM Transport truck now has an in-cab mobile device allowing Driver Managers to quickly locate the exact location of a specific truck.  All trucks are represented by colored dots which are plotted on a U.S. map shown on the large screen below behind vice president of operations, Matt Herndon. 

Matt Herndon PAM Transport

In addition to being able to easily find the exact location of a truck, the PAM Transport team is also able to combine the map of truck locations (or "assets") with a weather map to identify any storm systems that could be affecting its fleet.  This enables the company to send out fleetwide messages to drivers notifying them of any weather complications that could arise. 

This technology also allows PAM Transport to have the options of sending direct messages to every truck nationally or to every truck in a specific region.  Messages can even be sent to an individual truck, and idrivers can easily contact the company from the road. Not unlike the old CB days when an eastbound trucker would relay weather and road information to a westbound colleague, truck drivers act as a company’s eyes and ears.

“More than anything, in the communication between our fleet and back to our DMs, we get more real weather,” Herndon said. “We share that internally. We have 1,600 weather guys out there seeing real data.”

Driving For PAM Transport

Driving for PAM Transport means more than just working a truck driving job.  It means being part of a company that is always looking for ways to create a better driver experience.  Whether that's updating driver lounges or offering great advancement opportunities, PAM Transport is always listening and responding.

Ready to join the PAM Transport team?

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