Truck Driver Shortage - What You Need to Know

Although oftentimes under-appreciated, truckers really are the lifeblood of America. From the roof over your head to the shoes on your feet, everything you’ve owned, eaten, or used has come from a truck. Truckers are what drive this country forward.

Understanding Truck Driver Shortage

With that being said, there is a great need for for more truckers throughout the United States. While driver shortage is nothing new to the trucking industry, the increase in the need for drivers over the past few years has been staggering. According to the American Trucking Association's “Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015,” almost 50% of new drivers will be hired to replace retiring drivers.

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Reasons for the Shortage

The average age of the current workforce is fairly high, and companies cannot hire enough drivers as turnover continues. This, along with general industry turnover, has created a great need for drivers everywhere. This year alone, the driver shortage is estimated to be about 48,000 short of trucking’s overall need. The prediction for next year has that number expected to rise even higher to about 70,000. The graphic below shows the rate at which the shortage is increasing, and predicts how many drivers will be needed by the year 2024:

Truck Driver Shortage - Over The Years

(Source: American Trucking Association's "Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015")

The trend in the graphic tells us one thing: this country needs more truck drivers. A lot more. This increase in need for drivers, can and will have significant economic impacts on our country. Companies simply can't hire drivers fast enough.

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