Wondering what life is like as a trucker?

The first year of driving is often the most challenging for a truck driver. So challenging, in fact, that we've created a section of our blog that's entirely dedicated to helping new and inexperienced drivers with all aspects of the job.

Trucking: Year One

  1. 11 Can't Miss Resources for New Truck Drivers

    One of the best things a new truck driver can do is find some good resources to learn more about truck driving jobs and life on the road.  After all, trucking isn't just a career - it's a lifestyle.
  2. Why You Should Always Weigh Your Truck

    Avoiding a ticket for being overweight is one of the most proactive things a truck driver can do. If a driver ever gets ticketed for being overweight, it's usually his or her own fault.
  3. Remembering My Time in Truck Driving School

    The learning curve in truck driving school is fast and furious, but Trucker Wayne's post will help you learn how to succeed in training.
  4. What are the Different Types of CDLs?

    There are 3 common types of CDLs a person can obtain. They all require different types of training and allow you to work various types of transportation jobs once you have them.
  5. Understanding the DOT Physical

    During your DOT physical, an approved medical examiner will test your overall health by seeing what medications you use (if any), testing your blood pressure, and testing your vision and hearing among other things.

These are just a few of our favorite posts intended to help new truck drivers get adjusted to life on the road. Check out the rest of our category here!

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