11 Can’t Miss Resources for New Truck Drivers

Starting a new career can seem overwhelming. 

One of the best things a new truck driver can do is find some good resources to learn more about truck driving jobs and life on the road.  After all, trucking isn't just a career - it's a lifestyle. 

At Driver Solutions, we've put together a list of the top 11 resources to make starting a new career smoother.  Check em out!

Top Trucking Resources

1. CDL Life

  • CDL Life is a news and entertainment site for truck drivers. They provide around the clock news, weather and traffic information, and exist to improve the lives of truck drivers as well as offer an escape from the daily grind.

2. The George and Wendy Show

  • The George and Wendy Show describes themselves "as a trucking family. As owner operators, we're very interested in what the government has in mind for small business trucking. We try to get correct, vetted information to the drivers on the road in a timely manner, and rely heavily on our readers to participate."

3. Smart Trucking

  • Smart Trucking is a resource guide for all truckers. Our website and other social media platforms are loaded with industry secrets, tips, advice and information aimed at helping company drivers and owner operators, maneuver the trucking industry and manage their driving careers successfully.


4. US Truck Drivers, Family and Friends

  • US Truck Drivers, Family and Friends is a Facebook page that posts videos, pictures, and stories for truckers to see. They often post a lot of humorous content that's aimed to be relatable to truckers on the road.

5. Overdrive Magazine

  • OverdriveOnline.com is one of the premier resources for online trucking news. Overdrive Magazine has covered the trucking industry with news and information for over 50 years. They are constantly covering new truck info, gear reviews, industry news, business and regulation news and trucking information.

6. My Crazy Life as a Trucker's Wife

  • My Crazy Life as a Trucker's Wife is a Facebook page and blog where truck drivers, their wives, and family members come together to connect and share stories with one another.

7. Trucking Truth

  • Trucking Truth is a place where you can go to get an honest, yet positive view on all things relating to trucking.

8. Trucking Gets Social

  • Trucking Gets Social is a medium for truck drivers to "let loose" from the stresses of being on the road.

9. American Trucks

  • American Trucks is a page similar to US Truck Drivers, Family and Friends that posts content specifically for truckers to relate to. Their most popular post can be seen pinned at the top of their page and has over 3.2 million views!

10. The Healthy Trucker

  • The Healthy Trucker is a resource of real world advice for truckers and their families to live happier, healthier lives.

11. Big Truck Driving Jobs

  • Big Truck Driving Jobs is exactly that, a resource for all types of drivers to find various types of trucking jobs. Their website has a great blog with content geared towards helping truck drivers survive life on the road. They often post on topics such as trucker technology, as well as what to expect and do in various driving situations.

From truck driving tips and tricks to comedic relief, these 11 resources can help you with any aspect of the trucking industry.

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