Save Fuel with Automatic Tire Inflation

What Is The MTIS Tire Inflation System for Trucks?

Imagine being able to automatically monitor tire pressure and inflate an under-inflated tire all without having to leave the driver seat of a truck?  Not only would that be incredibly convenient, especially in the cold of winter, it could also save truck drivers and trucking companies some serious money.

This technology may soon be a reality as the MTIS Tire Inflation System for Trucks was recently unveiled at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) 2015 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville.  “We listened carefully to customers who have expressed a need to lower costs due to tire underinflation,” said Jay Craig, president and chief operating officer for Meritor.

Watch: How the MTIS Tire Inflation System for Trucks Works

With pressure sensors gauging the PSI in all tires, a control unit is able to send the exact amount of air needed from an air tank to the under-inflated tire wherever it might be.  As MTIS reports in the video, 90% of tire failures are caused by underinflation with the average cost of a new truck tire ranging from $250-$1,000.  Not only do underinflated truck tires mean more tire failures, they also decrease tread life by up to 20%.

Huge Cost Savings Potential For Trucking Companies

On top of tires that don’t last as long and completely fail more often, having tires that aren’t properly inflated means the truck and tractor trailer are not as fuel efficient as they could be.  Having properly inflated tires all the time means a potential 1.4% increase in fuel economy.  Now, this number may seem low to someone unfamiliar with the industry, but it easily represents MILLIONS in fuel cost savings to a large fleet.  In fact, fuel cost is one of the largest controllable expenses in the transportation industry. It’s for that reason trucking companies like PAM Transport have launched a program called MISSION MPG to reward drivers.

What is PAM Transport's MISSION MPG Program?

PAM Transport's MISSION MPG program offers great incentive opportunities to both solo and team drivers who are able to rank in the top 40%, 25%, and 10% of their peer group when it comes to fuel effeciency.  These incentives come in the form of cash and prizes and are paid out monthly, quarterly and annually.  In fact, last year over $600,000 in cash and prizes have been awarded to our most fuel efficient drivers through this program - so as you can see the cost saves for being fuel efficient are very appreciated. 

Each letter in the "MISSION" portion of the name represets a different tip for improving fuel effeciency.  In fact, the 2nd "I" represents inflation and inspection with a focus on proper tire pressure.  As noted maintaining steers at 110 lbs. and drive tires at 100 lbs will significantly reduce rolling resistance.  Every 10 PSI below this results in 0.05 MPG loss.  This is something that takes constant monitioring from the driver which means time and that inflation levels are not always going to be optimal. Imagine if companies like PAM Transport were able to deploy this MTIS Tire Inflation System for Trucks across an entire fleet?  This could mean saving the drivers time, allowing them to make more money and saving the company a ton of fuel. 

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