Company sponsored CDL training is an affordable solution which allows new drivers to attend truck driving school at minimal expense.

A roadblock for many would-be truckers is the high cost of truck driving school tuition. In today’s economy, folks often don’t have access to bank loans or savings to cover the cost of going back to school to gain new career skills. 

As a unique solution for CDL training, Driver Solutions matches drivers directly with trucking opportunities from companies willing to sponsor the upfront training fees for school. After training is completed, the driver is required to work for the trucking company. The program allows a new driver to begin a truck driving career without the burden of first paying $4,000 to $8,000 to attend truck driving school. By agreeing to work as a truck driver for the company after graduation, a driver can attend training for a Class A CDL with no upfront tuition costs. In return, drivers make a commitment to work for the trucking company for 12 months after truck driving school. It’s a win-win scenario – a new driver gets a CDL, good training and well-paying job while the trucking company benefits by employing a well-trained, safety-conscious driver they can depend upon.

The Leader In CDL Training Sponsorship Programs

Back in the 1990’s, Driver Solutions helped to pioneer company sponsored training for truck drivers. The “secret” to our success has been building partnerships with reputable trucking companies committed to supporting new truckers fresh out of school. Adjusting to the trucking lifestyle takes some patience and understanding from both the trucker and the trucking company. Driver Solutions works hard to ensure the best experience possible for both the employee and employer. 

What To Expect From Sponsored Training

By choosing a sponsored training opportunity, a new truck driver is asking for a commitment from the trucking company to cover the upfront costs to attend school. In return, the company expects the newly trained driver to work for them for the specified length of time – 12 months. It’s a mutual agreement in which both sides benefit. 

Where Will CDL Training Be Held?

To ensure quality training, Driver Solutions works with a select group of truck driving schools. While there are many truck driving schools around the US, only a select few trucking schools meet the high training standards demanded by Driver Solutions. We’ll match student drivers to the nearest school and even provide lodging if necessary for out of town students. 

How To Qualify For Training Sponsorship

First, review the list of qualifications for the CDL training requirements. Remember, Driver Solutions is qualifying a prospective driver for a job opportunity, so the student must meet the basic hiring criteria. If the basic requirements are met, a prospective driver needs to complete the online application to apply for training. After submitting the application, a Driver Solutions recruiter will discuss the trucking job opportunities and answer any questions.