Kick start the CDL training process by preparing for truck driving school in advance.

Think of the first day of truck driving school just like going back to school after a break, there’s some things that can be done ahead of time to prepare for success.  Whether it’s getting all the supplies ready to go or getting caught up on reading, heading off to school unprepared is never a good idea.

Driver Solutions has been helping students prepare for truck driving school for over 25 years now, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what leads to a successful experience.  Below are some things to consider ahead of time that will make life at school easier for everyone.


  1. Review the CDL Manual
    1. Becoming familiar with the items in the CDL manual prior to truck driving school is a great place to start.  Much of the information covered in the classroom portion of training can be found in the manual.  By reviewing this material ahead of time, students will have a better understanding of the terminology used in school as well as the process of getting a CDL. 
  2. Take An Online CDL Practice Test
    1. Taking tests can be a nerve-racking experience for some. Online CDL practice test sites such as eGears offer a way to test knowledge of the material in the CDL manual from the comfort of home.  Reviewing sample questions and answers ahead of time means a more confident test-taker when the time comes to take the State CDL test.   
  3. Talk Things Over with Family
    1. Most truck driving school programs are 3-4 week full-time courses and during that time school needs to be the main focus. Attempting to work another job while attending training is not advised. Getting family life in order prior to beginning training will ensure that concentrating on learning the skills taught at truck driving school is the top priority.  This means talking through things such as household duties and other responsibilities to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  4. Review List of Items Needed
    1. Be sure to review the list of required items for truck driving school ahead of time to help get everything in order. The school will provide you with a list of items to bring to school. Whether it’s official documents, like a birth certificate, or basic things such as a notebook, pens and paper – getting this stuff together in advance will prevent scrambling around at the last minute. 

The Driver Solutions Process

In 25 years of existence, Driver Solutions has helped over 25,000 people get their start in trucking. Let Driver Solutions help you too, and complete the online application today!

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