Roadside Chat with PAM Transport Mentor Glenn

We recently caught PAM Mentor Glenn Dennis in between shifts behind the wheel.

In the video below, he discusses how his experience with PAM Transport has been since starting at the beginning of 2016:

Meet PAM Mentor Glenn

Getting Started

Q: How long have you been a truck driver?
A: I started with PAM on January 4, 2016.

Q: What were you doing before that?
A: Before truck driving, I was doing work in the IT industry.

Q: What made you decide to become a trucker?
A. I was always interested in becoming a truck driver, but wasn't able to make the career change until recently.

Q: How was your training experience? Did anything really stick out?
A. My experience at C1 Truck Driver Training was the best training I could've gotten. From what I've seen out on the road, it's one of the best truck driving schools out there.

PAM Transport

Q: How's your experience been with PAM?
A: I'm enjoying it. Currently, I'm a trainer (Driver Mentor). I love training. I love teaching people the ways of the road and showing them how to be successful.

Q: Advice for those thinking about joining PAM to become a truck driver?
A: I go by C1 Truck Driver Training - Springfield every couple of weeks and this is what I always tell students: Be patient, everything will come to you. Trust in the trainers, they'll have everybody prepared.

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