Roadside Chat with Chad

Working two jobs that wasn't making him enough money wasn't cutting it anymore. He'd always wanted to become a truck driver. But after he got out of the Navy he got married and started a family, he had to find means to provide for his family that wasn't truck driving. 

So when the former Navyman turned pharmacy technician and part time teacher turned 40, Chad Chaumont finally decided to make the leap to become a professional truck driver. Once he came across Driver Solutions and PAM Transport, he knew he found the company that would get him off to the right start. The rest of it is history.

We recently caught Chad in between deliveries to talk with us about his trucking journey:

Getting Started

Q: How long have you been a truck driver?
A: Almost 3 months as a first seat driver. I graduated in May this year, and upgraded to a first seat driver on June 10th.

Q: What were you doing before that?
A: Pharmacy Technician at Wal-Mart, also taught Pharmacy Tech. prerequisite classes at a local community college

Q: What made you decide to become a trucker?
A: The money was so-so with my 2 jobs, but I’ve always wanted to be a trucker. I was in the Navy when I was younger, when I got out I got married and started a family, and life just kind of happened. When I turned 40 and hit a little mid-life crisis, I finally decided I had to go after it.

Q: How was your training experience? Anything that really stuck out?
A: I had previously started with a different company to train, but when I left and decided to go through Driver Solutions, it was a night and day kind of difference. I went to C1 Fort Worth, and I could tell almost immediately that the instructors were really focused in on you. C1 was also really well structured, whereas the company I previously went to get my CDL with was kind of all over the place.

Q: What’s your favorite part about truck driving?
A: The freedom of it. You’re accountable for doing your job, but somebody isn’t always watching over your shoulder. You’re your own boss.

PAM Transport

Q: What kind of driver are you now? OTR? Dedicated? Team? Hazmat?
A: I’m a solo OTR driver. I’m planning on applying to become a Driver Mentor as soon as I’m eligible though.

Q: How’s your experience been with PAM since you upgraded?
A: It’s been pretty good. The first 3-6 months are the toughest, with adjusting to a new lifestyle while dealing with being away from home. But I stay busy, I really don’t sit much.

Q: How’s your relationship with your dispatcher? How important is it to maintain a good relationship?
A: I have a great relationship with my dispatcher. I always tell new drivers that I meet either in person or on Driver Solutions’ Students and Alumni group that as soon as they get the chance, introduce yourself to your dispatcher. It puts a face with your name and truck number, and helps to build a real relationship.

Q: Favorite part about the company?
A: I really like that our freight is generally dry-van, no touch, and drop and hook. There’s usually a quick turnaround because of this, whereas with other types of freight I could get caught waiting for hours.

Q: Coolest place PAM has taken you?
A: Drove through the mountains of California on I-40.

Q: Advice for those thinking about joining PAM to become a truck driver?
A: Stick with it. I hear a lot of complaints about pay, but it’s about getting experience.

Next Step

Q: What are your future plans? Do you plan on staying with PAM?
A: I plan to become a Driver Mentor as soon as I’m eligible, and might even start teaming with my brother in the near future.

Are You Ready to Hit the Road?

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