Truckers: We Appreciate You

365 days a year, they're out on the road making sure we get the goods we need and want to live our lives.

This September 11th-17th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It's our week to recognize drivers for all that they do.

But, people often overlook the value of trucking, and don't take the time to appreciate how their grocery and clothing stores, restaurants, pretty much anywhere you go to buy something, gets stocked.

It makes this week that much more important.

Trucking Really Matters

Trucking is a job that challenges all who enter the profession.

Those that go into it learn quickly that it's one of the most challenging industries to work in. Truckers are tested both physically and mentally with the daily responsibilities that come with professional driving.

They play an absolutely vital role in the American economy and way of life. Without truck drivers, we wouldn't have the clothes on our back, the roof over our heads, or the food on our tables.

To put it simply: They’re what keeps America going.

4 Facts that Prove the Importance of Truck Drivers

Check out some of these trucking statistics below to see just how important truck drivers are:

  1. $725 Billion
    1. Trucking collected over $725 billion in gross freight revenue in 2015, compiling 81.5% of the nation's annual freight bill.
  2. 10 Billion Tons
    1. Truck drivers transported 10 billion tons of freight, accounting for 70% of all domestic freight tonnage in the country, in 2015.
  3. 400 Billion Miles
    1. Transporting cargo to every corner of America requires the 3.4 million truck drivers to travel more than 400 billion miles.
  4. 50,000 Short
    1. Today's truckers are working harder than ever to pick up the slack from an industry shortage. An increasingly concerning issue in the industry, there was a shortage of just under 50,000 drivers in 2015 due to drivers retiring and general industry turnover rates. Despite this shortage, truckers today are still getting goods delivered in a safe and efficient manner.

Appreciate Truckers

So this week, take some time to appreciate our nation's truck drivers.

Whether it's reaching out to a trucker you know, or simply thanking one you might see at a truck stop, gas station, or elsewhere while you're out and about, take a minute to say thanks.

It's the least we can do.

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