Tour Your Truck for a Chance to Win

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Truck drivers never stop rolling, and the work they do often goes underappreciated. Here at Driver Solutions, we know that without truckers, America wouldn't be what it is today. From the clothes on your back to the roof over your head, if you bought it, a truck driver brought it.

To help show our appreciation and as part of this year's Truck Driver Appreciation week, Driver Solutions is pleased to announce its first ever "Tour Your Truck" contest for drivers.

The Contest

Grab your phone or camera, and you could have the chance to win a Bluetiger Bluetooth Elite Headset and $100 to the store of your choice!

Show us the ins and outs of your truck in the RoadWarriors Facebook group, and you'll be entered for the chance to win.

If you haven't already joined the group, click below:

Join the RoadWarriors

The Requirements

  1. In your entry (can be either photo or video), you must tell us:
    1. - The make and model of your truck.
    2. - How long you've been truckin'.
    3. - What you've done to make your truck feel like home.
    4. - 2 of your favorite features of your truck.
  2. If you plan on only taking photos with your entry:
    1. - You must include at least 5 photos of your truck. At least one from both the outside and inside (can be of your sleeper berth, your dashboard, your engine, trailer, or more...get creative!).
  3. If you plan on making a video:
    1. - Make sure to show us the entirety of your truck. Show us the inside and out of your rig.

Remember: the more creative you get and the more fun you have with it, the better your chances are at winning!

How to Enter

How Do I Win?

  • All entries are due Saturday, September 17th. Voting begins on Monday, September 19th.
  • We'll create an album in the group with all of the entries, and the entry with the most comments stating "My Vote" will be the winner.**

The Deadline

You have until Saturday, September 17th to get your entries in. The winner will be selected the following week.

Good luck and have fun! Happy creating everyone!

*Disclaimer: By entering the Tour Your Truck contest, you are consenting to Driver Solutions using your submission for marketing purposes.

**Only 1 entry and 1 vote per person.