Get a breakdown of how truck driver pay works.

How Are Truck Drivers Paid?

Understanding truck driver pay is very important. We’ve all got bills to pay and we need to know where our money is coming from and how much to expect. While there are some companies that pay truck drivers a set salary or a certain pay per hour, more often than not truck drivers are paid a set rate per mile. For example, .40 cents per mile might be a starting rate of pay for a truck driver. That means, the driver will be paid .40 cents for all approved miles the truck runs.

How Much Money Can A 1st Year Driver Make?

A first-year truck driver with no experience can still earn good money. For example, first-year drivers with PAM Transport can make up to $75,000. Of course, this depends on how many miles they run and which type of trucking job they ultimately settle into. It’s no secret that team truck drivers make more money because they cover more miles and each driver gets paid for all approved miles…and that’s just one example. 

 The great thing about trucking is that if you’re willing to stick with it for the long run, the monetary rewards will be well worth it and you’ll always have a career option to maximize your pay.

Ways Truck Drivers Make More Money

Along with getting paid more for experience and performance incentives, truck drivers can make more money by adding endorsements to their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). For example, getting a HazMat endorsement means that you’re able to haul hazardous materials. By hauling hazardous materials, truck drivers are paid more per mile and get more load opportunities. Often times, with this endorsement, even if you aren’t driving a Hazardous material at that time, you still get paid an increased rate per mile simply because you have it.

There are several other endorsements that can all lead to more truck driver pay such as the Double/Triples Endorsement, Tanker Endorsement and more.

A Lifelong Career Of Earnings

Once you understand truck driver pay and how much money you can make as a trucker, you need to prioritize what is most important to you. Some truck drivers want to make as much money as possible by running as many miles as they can. Others prefer to be home more often and find Dedicated lanes that still pay good per mile but offer a more predictable schedule. And those with more of an entrepreneurial spirit may even look into becoming an Owner Operator to have even more control over their pay.

At Driver Solutions, we partner with trucking companies that offer the potential of earning the truck driver pay that’s right for you and your lifestyle.