Truck driver pay - Here's the REAL truth!

It is the topic that comes up in all jobs, the infamous PAY question. It is important that the pay for a position is enough for you to support yourself as well as your family at home, and companies being transparent with you from the beginning is very important. So what about truck driver pay? Pay can differ per company, whether you drive team vs. solo, as well as many other reasons.

Here's the truth, your first year of trucking isn't going to be a walk in the park... That includes pay. But, once you get past that first year and have some experience under your belt, new routes AND new pay scales are an option for you. Here are some videos from Truckers G, Wayne, and Trucker Queen Nicole about truck driver pay...

1st Year Truck Driver Pay - Here's the Cold, Hard TRUTH!!!

Truck Driver Pay - Let's Break It Down

The Truth About Truck Driver Pay - Watch This Before Becoming a Trucker - Trucker Wayne

Understanding Truck Driver Pay + First Year Trucking Pay

  • You have to work hard to get the money that you are expecting.
  • Trucking will not be easy, but if you run hard you will earn enough money to get you through.
  • Pay varies; you will hear opinions from everyone on what they made their first year in trucking, to being veteran trucking.
  • Pay depends on how well you do trip planning, how much you stop while traveling, how much hometime you take, etc.
  • The more experience you have, the more pay you will earn.
  • Don't compare yourself to others in your first year. Those that you may compare yourself too, they have been in the trucking industry for years and have built their resume up in the industry.
  • Time in the industry is KEY. Stick it out!

All of the above points are important for you to know, especially if you're just starting out in the trucking industry. If you are in your first year and are getting discouraged because the pay isn't what you expected, DON'T give up. The pay you're looking for will come, you just need to WORK for it!

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