Know the best ways to handle winter weather driving.

When it comes to Winter driving, we ALL need to be mindful of certain things regarding safety.  This is especially true for truck drivers. Your safety is ALWAYS the most important thing.  Simply knowing essential items to have on the truck in Winter and a few simple tips to keep in mind when difficult weather conditions arise can be the difference between getting in an accident or arriving safely.  Take a look at the videos below for helpful Winter trucking reminders.

For Truckers: Winter Driving Survival Checklist

#1 Tip for Winter Driving Safety

Winter Checklist for Truck Drivers

  • Winter clothes; thick jacket, boots, gloves, warm socks, etc.
  • Extra blankets for warmth.
  • Extra food; peanut butter, ramen noodles, water, etc.
  • Tools; hammers, propane torch, shovel, anti-gel, etc.

The best thing for you to do is to make a checklist and a couple of months before winter hits, make sure you have all the supplies handle. You never know when winter weather will creep up on you.

#1 Tip for Winter Driving Safety

  • Send a Qualcomm message, something in text form letting them know you don't feel safe traveling in the conditions. Most likely they will call you up and tell you that you need to get the load there ASAP. Make sure that you have them send you a message saying they want you to continue driving that load, even though you said you don't feel comfortable. That will put all the liability on them in the case that something does happen to you. Be sure to always do this and cover your assets!

As Trucker G said, no load is worth your life. If you are uncomfortable with the driving situation, park the truck until the roads are more clear. Don't push yourself past your comfort level and stay safe out there.

All of the above tips and items are important for you to know and have when it comes to safety while trucking in winter conditions.

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