CDL training is a critical part of finding the right truck driving job. Learn what it takes to be considered a “professional” truck driver.

Take the First Step

CDL training is the first step in beginning a successful career as a professional truck driver.  While anyone meeting the FMCSA requirements can get a CDL license by passing the permit and skills test, reputable trucking companies are looking for more out of new drivers.  Potential employers want to hire drivers that have proven themselves to be safe and well-rounded by learning the skills necessary to complete a CDL training program.

Develop the Skills

CDL training programs teach things that go well beyond what uncle Mac can teach in the backyard.  We're talking about important skills such as map reading, trip planning, logging routines, understanding basic mechanical issues, and much more.  These skills are critical to performing the day-to-day duties of a truck driving job and they're best taught by instructors with years of professional driving experience. 

Start the Career

The goal of CDL training is to prove to potential employers (trucking companies) that a driver has what it takes to be considered a "professional" and the best way to do that is by attending a state-approved truck driving school.  The Driver Solutions program works with some of the top truck driving schools in the U.S. to provide the highest level of CDL training to its students.  Not only are the basics of driving a semi tractor-trailer taught, but students also receive guidance on how to get the most out of a trucking career.

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