Here is a list of $50 and under gifts to get your trucker this Christmas season, including REAL reviews!

CB Radio

Price: $49

Every truck needs a CB radio, although these aren't used as much as in the olden days. It is still a necessity to communicate about traffic, accidents, or any hazards ahead. This CB radio was top-rated on Amazon, grab yours for your truck driver today!

CB Radio

CB Radio Reviews

“I contemplated on this CB for months. I couldn't decide if i wanted a full size CB for the features or save space and weight and sacrifice. Turns out, this little radio kicks some serious butt. I really got the best of both worlds. It doesn't have a few features like roger beep or Noise Blanker or the built in SWR meter but it does have ANL that seems to work excellent. I thought that i would get a noise cancelling mic but the little mic that comes with it is truly a nice one as i get many "loud and clears" when talking to others. I wired it up using a cigarette lighter plug, which isn't the most ideal power source, but i get very low noise and i like the convenience. I'm currently using this radio with a Wilson Lil Wil magnetic antenna and I'm getting SWR's just a tad over 1 to 1. Overall, I didn't have to sacrifice at all. This radio has all the features that i would need for backwoods communication and i even saved a little money in the process. Highly recommend.” - Devin A.

"Purchased at half the price compared to other stores ( truck stops ) Easy to install and the clarity and signal strength is better then any other CB I ever had. Always good to hear others talking on CB and most of the time you can pick up on road/ traffic conditions. Highly recommend." - David H.

Heated Mattress Pad

Price: $52

It may not be considered a necessity, but who wouldn't want something that is heated and provides extra comfort. Not only is this perfect for the wintertime with the heated feature, adding extra cushion, and laying down after a long day of driving, it's just what a truck driver needs!  Grab yours on Amazon today.  

Heated mattress pad

Heated Mattress Pad Reviews

"Amazingly comfortable, high-quality construction." - C.S.

"I was unsure of how this would work. I've only had the electric blankets. I have so much faith in the sunbeam company I thought I'd try it. Its incredible. I have severe injuries to my back and neck and it helps ease those aches and pains. It didn't even cross my mind that it would help that. I can only say thank you to the company for making it easier to sleep all night without those pains." - Melody

Heated Blanket for Truck Drivers

Price: $45

Just like the heated mattress pad, a heated blanket is always good to have out on the truck with you. You never know when a huge snowstorm might come through and your truck is broken down somewhere, this heated blanket could really be a lifesaver during times like that!  Grab a heated blanket for yourself or the trucker in your life here.

Heated blanket

Heated Blanket Reviews

"We’ve been wanting to get a heated blanket to keep us warm and cozy on chilly nights. This is a great, soft electric blanket because it has multiple heat settings via remote control and warms up fairly quickly. It also has an auto shut off feature after three (3) hours, so you have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about keeping it accidentally on and being a safety hazard. This is also machine washable and all you have to do is detach the remote control. I just wish this blanket was larger so that we could use it as a comforter, but it’s more of a throw blanket." - Merry R.

"This blanket is so soft and gets warm very quickly. I used to be worried about using a heated blanket so I tested the timer while watching it before using it when I go to sleep. The timer works well and shuts off as it should. I find the highest temperature is too hot for me so I use it at about a 6 and it’s still incredibly warm. It heats up quickly so you aren’t waiting around a long time for it to heat up before you can use it. It’s a really high quality blanket and I’d definitely buy another if I ever need one." - Riley

Lap Desk for Truckers

Price: $34.99

Who doesn't need something in the truck that can keep their phone, tablet, etc secure while parked?! This makes it very easy and convenient to keep everything all together AND use it on your lap while stopped for the night or heading to your next route!  Pick up a lap desk for truckers on Amazon here.  

Lap Desk

Lap Desk Reviews

“I have tried many lap desks and either they were uncomfortable in the lap, broken easily, heavy, or no ledge to keep items from slipping. First, this lap desk is nicely weighted and rests comfortably in the lap. It has a ledge to keep books, iPad, or papers from sliding into your lap. It has a great place to stow phone. It has a soft handle, easy on the hands. It is reasonably lightweight. And, it is very attractive. The price is reasonable. Strange that the next size up (slightly larger) is twice the price. Overall, very happy with my purchase.” - Open Ears

"I absolutely love this! I looked through a lot of different models before choosing this one, and so far, no regrets! It conforms to my lap perfectly, it is lightweight, and it has a handle so I can easily carry it anywhere. I was lucky to find the fabric pattern that matches exactly my tablet holder(from a different manufacturer). I am very glad about the purchase." - Chana

Pocket Knife

Price: $23

A pocket knife is one of those things that comes in incredibly convenient time and time again. Not only does it come with a blade, but it also comes with other tools to help in any type of situation you might find yourself in as a truck driver.  Grab this Swiss Army pocket knife for just $16 here.  

Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife Reviews

“I had one of these 20+ years ago and lost it somewhere. Since then I have tried all sorts of pocket knives, folders, thumb assist, large, small, clipped, you name it , I've probably had one. The workmanship of the swiss is so much better than most knives, there is no comparison. Blades are stainless but have a temper that is easy to sharpen and will hold an edge. The knife is lighter than what I remember, or maybe it's all those heavy knives I've had. Tools, it has all the tools one really need in a pinch, the 2nd day I used the small screwdriver! Fishing, hunting, gun sports or just general use, this is a top-quality product and at a very reasonable price.” - treeX

“This is a convenient multi-tool that fits conveniently in your pocket, and I carry one most of the time as you never know when you will need each of the attachments; the knife attachment is fairly sharp right out of the box, and is easy to sharpen back up with either sandpaper or a whetstone. It is great for puttering around the house, sitting down whittling on a small piece of wood, even opening up a cold beer. The pricing here on Amazon is a few bucks cheaper than my local store. If you are looking for a convenient multi-tool that won’t put a bulge in your pocket, I would recommend this one.” - Michael G.

Coffee Mug

Price: $25

Insulated coffee mugs are a MUST have for truckers everywhere! When you stop at a gas station to fill up your mug, you need something that will keep that liquid warm for hours while you're driving. Pick up this coffee mug for the trucker in your life on Amazon here!

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug Reviews

"Wow, what a great product. I’ve transitioned from a regular coffee cup to this. I was always reheating my coffee but no longer. This mug keeps my coffee hot for a minimum of 2 hours." - Kendra H.

"Beautiful product. Keeps my coffee hot for longer and cold drink cool. With other cups, my coffee would get cool within 10 minutes. With this baby, it's still warm after half an hour, and that's with the lid it came with, which is with a fixed hole and cannot be closed. I have a feeling that it'd stay hot/cool for much longer with the mag slider lid. Must get for people who tend to let their drink sit there for an extended period of time while focusing on work." - R. Liang

Truck Driver Dash Cam

Price: $45

Many truck drivers don't use these, and they can be very useful if the unfortunate event of getting in an accident happens. Some truck drivers were able to get out of lawsuits by showing that it was not their fault that the accident happened.  These are great for other reasons as well!  Get a dashcam from Amazon here.  

Dash Cam

Dash Cam Reviews

“The image quality is pretty good at night. The camera does not have night vision, but make up with the WDR, HDR features. (Note: make sure the inside of your windshield is clean, unlike mine.) The dash camera was very neatly packaged. Very slink design with the black matte finish. No over-complicated glossy design, this is what a dash camera should look like. It has a nice 3' in the display screen, it's not a touch screen but it's nice to have a big screen to navigate the menus.” - Matt

“I have had this camera for over 3 weeks now. I was hesitant to purchase it thinking the good old "you get what you pay for". Turned out, I was wrong. I read the reviews, albeit few, compared to my previous Rexing V1 dashcam. I decided to give it a try. Well, I love it. I love the clarity of the video, the design, the ease of setting it up, the overall quality for the price I paid. The only con was the fact that the camera arrives on default screensaver ON when you connect it; meaning, it's still recording but the screen is blank to avoid distraction while driving. I was unable to find the screensaver turn OFF feature in the settings. I contacted the seller and they told me that the screensaver turn off feature was under LCD Brightness, which was odd. But I found it and turned it on. So far, I love it, works perfectly fine. Very responsive and fast customer service; open communication, help available when needed. Will update my review if any changes down the road.” - Mariam

Trucker Roadside Tools

Price: $50

Such a great tool kit to have with you while driving OTR - all the essentials you may need just in case something happens and you are stuck. Or if you need to help others in need, be the trucker that is always prepared!  Pick up your roadside toolkit for just $50 on Amazon now.

Road Side Tools

Roadside Tools Reviews

"Bought this for my husband for Christmas. The storage case seems very durable, holds everything inside easily, and the toolset is much nicer than I expected it to be. But overall his favorite thing is the flashlight... it is easy to charge it up (spring-loaded hand grip) and use, shines extremely bright, the only negative is the plastic on the flashlight is a little cheap. Overall very happy with it, great buy!" - Kindle Customer

"Emergency Roadside Toolkit is perfect to have in every vehicle. Looks good except the shovel is a lot smaller than expected but overall good. This is for an emergency so the hopes to never have to use but if needed it will be there..." - John Q.

Ratchet Straps

Price: $28

Always a great product to have. You can never go wrong having these as a "just-in-case" for you or another truck driver!  You can get your own set of ratchet straps here on Amazon.  

ratchet straps


Ratchet Straps Reviews

“I've bought so many different types of straps over the years that I can't even count them. Like most people, I usually buy ratchet straps like this and plan on them being junk in a short period of time. Well, these are different. These straps are very well made and not like the average ratchet straps you find at the big box retail stores. Everything about these straps is better, the quality is A+. You can tell by looking at them that they are just made to last. The thickness of the webbing is better, the function of the ratchet is great, it does not bind up or bend like the el-cheapo straps I've bought so many times before. The ratchet ratchets when you want it to and releases when you want it to. Sure, they might be a bit more expensive than the cheap ratchet straps, but they are well worth it. You buy it now!! smile” - Rigmaster

"First, I didn't order these because I NEEDED them, I ordered them because its one of those things that's nice to have around when you DO need them. With that being said I've looked them over and they seem very well made. I worked the mechanism and it worked fine. I can't comment on durability because I just got them and who knows when I'll actually use them. I've thrown two of them into my truck ( using the free carry bag) and the other two into the toolbox for another time. All in all, for under $30.00 I am very pleased." - Nick N.

Seat Cushion

Price: $23

Truck drivers are on the road for hours at a time.  The seat they are sitting in to drive is usually not very comfortable at all.  This can lead to back pain, fatigue and much more. Having a seat that is comfortable enough to sit in for hours on end is extremely important for truck drivers!  Get this affordable and durable seat cushion on Amazon here.

Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion Reviews

"Very comfy and stays put on my seat." - Kristin

"Had it delivered to work and started using it the minute I unboxed it. No weird odor on mine. I felt the difference right away in my sitting posture and took the pressure off my tail bone. It also gave me about 2 inches while sitting which I was also looking for." - Ana H.

Trucker Lockbox

Price: $23

A lockbox is always nice to have out on the road.  It enables you to keep items safe and sound while going about your business.  Pick up this affordable, high-quality lockbox on Amazon here.  



Truck Driver Lockbox Reviews

“Exactly what it says! This is a sturdy, metal box, with a substantial wire cord. I've no doubt someone with bolt cutters could cut the wire in seconds, but this will definitely deter the opportunist thief. Beware though, this product is heavy (as you would expect a metal box to be!) and will take up your luggage allowance if you're taking it on holiday.” - Mrs H

“This safe is sleek and stylish and slimline. It's not like you're ordinary safe that uses a key to lock but this is a combination locking system that works really well. It comes with a thick safety lanyard to stop it going walkie and the build is of good material that I'm sure will last for many years to come, if you value what you have give this a try you will not be disappointed.” - Del T.