Looking for gifts for truck drivers around $20?  We've asked thousands of drivers, read the reviews, and built the perfect list for you!  Now it's easy to find just the right gift for the truck driver in your life without spending a ton of money.  Take a look at the items below and click the links to buy today!

RoadWarriors Gear

Price Range: $5 - $35

RoadWarriors is a positive, helpful group for truck drivers who want to get the most out of their careers.  This exclusive group has its own clothing lineup which features hoodies, t-shirts, masks & much more!  Go here to shop at the official RoadWarriors store.

RoadWarriors Hoodie

Mirror Squeegee

Price: $14

Every truck driver needs a good mirror squeegee!  Conditions can change in the blink of an eye on the road and it's important to always maintain visibility.  This handy little squeegee is always a favorite every holiday season.  Pick one up on Amazon here or click on the image below!

Mirror Squeegee

Trucker Mirror Squeegee Reviews

“I have a large expanse of glass in my shower and have used OXO squeegees for years. They are ok...and then I found this one. It is excellent! Clears water off with one swipe. My only reason for 4 stars for ease of use is that I do agree with other reviewers that the handle could be more robust. Not sure longer, but maybe fatter. This is a small nit however when compared with the 5-star performance of this squeegee!” - MJC 

“I finally found a great squeegee for a good price. In the past, I had two Interdesign squeegees that were not worth the money. This Hiware squeegee has great suction power, even on my textured shower walls. I had attributed all the water left behind to the uneven surface of the textured shower walls. After using this Hiware squeegee I realized that not all squeegees are created equal. There is no longer a need to wipe down the walls, as was the case after using the Interdesign squeegee. The blade is a bit smaller than the Interdesign squeegees, but a larger squeegee that doesn’t get the job done isn’t worth the time invested. This squeegee is easy to hold with an ergonomic grip. That said, I’ve dropped all of my squeegees at one time or another during use. My last Interdesign squeegee, which I’d had for less than six months, broke in the half where the clear plastic grip met the stainless blade holder when it was dropped and hit the acrylic tub floor. I was not able to repair it and it would likely have fared far worse if dropped on a tile floor. The first Interdesign “stainless” blade holder rusted. Get yourself this squeegee if you value your time and hard-earned money. It is a quality product.” - JMZ83

Leather Work Gloves

Price: $16

Leather work gloves are always sure to make the trucker in your life happy this holiday season!  There's no driver out there who won't get excited about a new set of gloves to protect their hands from the elements of the job.  Pick up this great set on Amazon for just $16 dollars!

Leather Work Gloves

Truck Driver Work Gloves Reviews​

"Durability - As mentioned I got a full year of hard winter/summer use before the left thumb started to wear through. That's digging holes, moving snow, lifting wood, cutting down trees type of abuse. They often got soaked and caked with mud. All with zero blisters I might add.” - John H.

“Look...I've been using leather gloves in rugged outdoor activities for over 40 years. These are the highest quality, most durable, exceptionally comfortable, dexterous gloves ever. Wells Lamont stands by their products too -- so if you had one with a vulnerable thin spot or bad stitching, they'll replace it. Give these gloves a try -- you'll be very happy you did! From now on, I buy only this glove. I trust the quality, performance, and name...and I'm through with stiff thick leather gloves that do not last nearly as long.” - Bob

Rand McNally Road Atlas

Price: $12

A GPS is great, but it will only get you so far.  As a truck driver, you absolutely need a high-quality road atlas.  This large scale trucker road atlas is a must-have item for every trucker and is well within budget, making it the perfect Christmas gift idea. 

2021 Road Atlas

Road Atlas Reviews

"It holds up well and is a great backup for the GPS. The enlarged city maps are extremely helpful when navigating around highly congested areas. Rest areas are clearly marked." - Jewel E.

Baby Wipes

Price: $15

Let's face it, every single truck driver on the planet needs some baby wipes.  There are times when you're in a pinch, don't have access to a shower, or just need to feel a little refreshed to get through your day.  Baby wipes come in handy on a daily basis and every truck driver will thank you for them!  Get some on Amazon using this link or by clicking on the image below.

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes Reviews

"If you want a gentler solution than toilet paper, I highly suggest these. They're not just for babies. They're great for adult babies like me! Haha. =)"~ Jaxx B.

"These wipes get you clean and don't irritate your bum. These are definitely wipes you should be using on your little bundle of joy. Even for adults like myself. It is better for your body to use wet wipes as opposed to dry toilet paper and they do get you cleaner so I highly recommend." ~ DW

Window Cleaner

Price: $20

This window cleaner is a game-changer.  If you want a streak-free view, we've got just the window cleaner to make sure the trucker in your life can see everything nice and clear out on the road.  Pick up this window cleaner set for just $20 on Amazon.  

Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner Reviews

“I was skeptical when I saw this set. "Streak Free". Yeah, right?  I'm happy to report this kit works as advertised. First, the Invisible Glass cleaner is fantastic. After cleaning a few windows with the applicator, the head becomes a bit saturated so by the time you get to the last window or two it's completely wet. That's not a problem. I watched as it dried and it dried streak-free. Most glass cleaners don't get the window completely clean on the first attempt. This one does. Second, the applicator and the cleaning cloths are made very well. The applicator is heavy duty and the cleaning heads/clothes do a great job. This product was very easy to use, especially in areas that only a contortionist can reach. I'll be buying a couple of these for Christmas gifts. It will be the kind of gift that the receiver really won't appreciate until they use it.” - E. Thompson

“I didn't have high hopes for this, but I figured I'd give it a try. I watched a couple of videos on how to properly use it before I tried it. One horizontal spray in the middle of your windshield is all you need. The tool itself is really easy to use. I wiped the windshield in an up and down pattern like the videos showed and the windshield was clean! I cleaned it twice just in case because I hate it when the windshield has streaks. Normally I would use Windex and paper towels 2 or 3 times and I always had streaks. The Invisible Glass kit works great with no streaks. I definitely recommend getting this.” - JJ

Microfiber Rags

Price: $12

This microfiber rag is super absorbent and super durable.  It can be used hundreds of times for multiple things in and out of the truck.  Every trucker needs a pack of these laying around the truck because you never know when you might need one! Grab one today on Amazon!

Microfiber wipes

Truck Driver Microfiber Rag Reviews

“Well made and durable. Quick side note. I was not aware until a pro detailer told me that you need to wash all micro cloth and towels with a special microfiber detergent. I was not aware of this and I did some checking and sure enough, it is true. If you use regular detergent and even worse (as it turns out) fabric softeners in the dryer it will clog up the microfibers making this just as bad as using an old t-shirt. I have washed these several times with the micro detergent and the towels and cloth still have that ultra grabby feel for dust and particles.I now own a black truck so I am being careful about swirl marks. I hope this helps as I would have made the same error as everyone else. Chemical Guys sells it too and I bought a gallon so it will last me years. Don't ruin your micro cloth!” - J. Kaufmann

“These are amazing for cleaning and a great price! I’m mad at myself for not purchasing sooner. In an effort to reduce the crazy amount of paper towels we go through, I decided to purchase these. I use 1-2 a day for kitchen cleanup and put them in the laundry. They pick up little crumbs easily and don’t leave my quartz “streaky.” I have a super messy 10-month-old and I clean his highchair with these and they work wonderfully. I also use these for dusting, they pick up everything. The only thing that was a negative was that the first time I washed them in warm water (per instructions), the yellow color bled onto the white and turned them an off white color. Not a big deal to me because I use these only for cleaning and wash them with only other cleaning rags but be careful not to wash the yellow rags with anything you care about! Even though instructions say to hang dry, I dry them on low with no issues. The last thing, most people know this but don’t ever use fabric softener with these, they won’t be as absorbent!” - Meg R.


Price: $16

Every trucker needs a pair of sunglasses...if not 2 pairs.  It's one thing to shell out a lot of money on a nice set, but everyone needs an inexpensive pair of shades to have around the truck for when the sun is shining bright up ahead.  You can snag this pair on Amazon for $13

Sunglasses for Truckers

Polarized Sunglasses Reviews

“I was looking for some polarized sunglasses after seeing ads for $40 ones on Instagram. I checked here and love these. Solid build, two pairs, and actually polarized. They send a card with them to show the polarization. The wayfarer ones are rubberized-soft touch coated, super premium. I like them both a lot, good value for sure” - mikey5

“I LOVE Ray Ban but let’s be honest, I’ve got four kids and I’m not spending $200 on myself for a pair of sunglasses so when I saw the relevance in the style of these PLUS the other pair that comes with it I decided to try it... why not!!??? So glad I did! They fit amazing! And the other pair my husband uses. Both pair are great quality and very similar to the women’s classics ray bans and the men’s classic as well. Note to add- they have held up with my 2 year old pulling them and throwing them even and not even a scratch or dent. I’m forever sold!” - Kaitlin

First Aid Kit

Price: $20

Everyone, trucker or not, needs a first aid kit handy when traveling.  For just $20, you or the trucker in your life can have peace of mind knowing that cuts, scrapes, bruises, and more can be doctored up in a pinch. Order a First Aid kit today on Amazon now!

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Reviews

“Chose this over other options because this includes an instant cold compress, which, with two kids, seemed a valuable addition to a travel first-aid kit. Removed some of the many bandaids, and was able to fit in (separately-purchased essential) bottles of kids' liquid and adult capsule pain/fever relief and chewable pink 'stomach relief' tabs. It was still rather lightweight, and the sturdy case made it perfectly packable for our 10-day trip. The best part was we didn't need to use anything but the separately-purchased stuff (LOL) but having this comprehensive kit along for the ride provided great peace of mind. It will be packed on all future trips, too.” = Amazon User

“Just what I needed. Small enough to keep in the car or stroller, but big enough to have what I need as a mom to care for things that come up when you have 4 kids under 5 years old. Will purchase again when needed.” - Leader25