Here is a list of $100 and under gifts to get your trucker this Christmas season, including REAL reviews! 

Truck Driver GPS

Price: $100

A must-have for truck drivers everywhere! These special truck driver GPS's will let you know of construction ahead and bridges that are too short for semi-trucks to fit. Every driver needs a GPS and this is one gift item that you can justify spending some extra cash.  Grab your trucker Garmin today!


Trucker GPS Reviews

"I usually use my phone for directions, but lately it seems that using the phone's GPS system significantly drains the battery AND my data allowance. Finally decided to buy another Garmin (had one years ago) as I figured it would pay for itself and be a better deal than increasing my data allowance. The Garmin will pay for itself in just a few short months. This one is easy to use and does a great job. I am very happy with my purchase." - AZTransplant

"Does what it says it does. Big clear screen providing clear directions and lots of other information." - John G.

Air Fryer

 Price: $100

A convenient way to make delicious food fast while trucking! Go grab your ingredients from Walmart and put them in the air fryer and WALLA! Done in no time!  Get your trucker an air fryer on Amazon here.  

Air Fryer

Air Fryer Reviews

“Great air fryer, comes with a free cookbook and a lot of safety features. The pan is big enough for a lot of food to fit in. It is a quick, fun, easy way now to cook. Very impressed !” - Nicholas M.

“Product is quick and easy to use with very little external heat. Presets are easy to access and adjustment in heat and time is also really easy. Did arrive a day later than expected, but shipped from Canada during a snow storm so I will give it a pass.” - Tim

Trucker Work Boots

Price: $80

While traveling to states that have many different weather conditions, it is important to have a pair of boots that can work in all of them. These waterproof, steel toe boots are perfect for trucking!  Get them at an awesome discount online here.


Truck Driver Work Boots Review

“I'm not exactly an expert on boots, this is the most I have ever spent on a pair of hiking boots, and I know they can run 4x the price of these easily. I used to buy nice work boots, and not have enough left over for nice hiking boots, so I either hiked in work boots or bought $25-30 hiking boots. It was finally time for an upgrade. I couldn't be happier. I've had these now for a year or so, and have used them in every season. They have excelled. I'm not a long-distance hiker, and that factors in. For fall and spring, these are brilliant all around. In winter they aren't insulated, so you need really good socks. In summer, they aren't very breathable, so again you need really good socks, and ample opportunity to take them off and cool your feet. I tend to do shorter hikes with heavier pack loads, for bushcraft camping. For the various on and off-trail, wet and dry, rocky and muddy, infinitely varied conditions, there are none these haven't been comfortable for. After all this use, they are just broken in really, no noticeable wear. This year I applied some sno-seal, and I'm very happy with how the leather has responded to it. I think these boots are going to last me at least a few more years, and even then it may just be a case of some new laces and insoles.” - Nick

20,000 Watt Antenna

Price: $55

Just in case you can't get a signal from your CB Radio or Sattelite Radio, it is important for you to have a backup! Get a backup antenna here today.  


20,000 Watt Antenna Review

“I had a need to put up a base antenna for 10/11 meters that were smaller than a full size based antenna. I tried experimenting with several different antennas from a dipole put up as an inverted V to several different mobile antennas. Eventually, I tried this K40 BCMax antenna on a 5' mast. It worked really well but the SWR was a bit high. I added a 104" radial wire to the mounting bracket and stretched it out at a 45-degree angle. Viola! The SWR is 1:1 on channel 19 and 1.3 on channels 1 and 40. The receive capability of this antenna is better than anything else I've put up. My first call on 38LSB was answered immediately by a mobile station 15 miles away. Overall, for the price its an outstanding antenna that has exceeded my expectations!” - The Bronze

Mobile Toilet

Price: $80

This mobile toilet is especially useful this year, with all of the gas stations that have been closed due to COVID. When you have to go, all you have to do is pull over and use this. So convenient!  Get this portable toilet for just $80 today.  


Mobile Toilet Reviews

"Great product and terrific customer service. Received promptly and exactly as advertised.' - Margaret A.

"This portable toilet is quite comfortable, useful, well made, and easy to use. It arrived as promised and was very well packaged." - Carol P.