These items are THE perfect stocking stuffers for that truck driver in your life!


Price: $4

On the road, having a pack of toothbrushes is a great stocking stuffer for truckers. Keeping up with personal hygiene is super important, so get yourself and your trucker a new toothbrush today!


Toothbrush Reviews

“This is one of my favorite toothbrushes. It covers all of your teeth nicely because the head is bigger than normal. I feel like I get better coverage because of it.”  - Cameron

“I have always like Colgate. This toothbrush does an excellent job at cleaning my teeth. I like the tongue cleaner side. I highly recommend it.” - Suzette


Price: $10

Just like the above toothbrushes, you will need toothpaste to go with it!  Order some toothpaste on auto-ship from Amazon so you'll never run out here!


Toothpaste Reviews

“U can never go wrong with buying your brand of product in bulk, that is priced great. I belong to amazon subscription/auto-ship. It is the best service I have ever been a part of. I can not drive due to my health. To have the ability to shop for my everyday needs (without having to pay to overprice, a service company, bothering others for a ride) has given me relief” - tmcbroom

“Hands down my favorite toothpaste. For years. And an idea I frequently forget to purchase when at the store. I like the convenience of being able to purchase this item online at any time and having it delivered.” - tinkerbell

Air Pressure Gauge

Price: $11

Air pressure gauges are so important to have while traveling. When a tire is low while driving it can cause a lot of problems, having an air pressure gauge can help prevent that.  Pick up a handy air pressure gauge here!

Air Pressure

Air Pressure Gauge Reviews

“I bought this for around $9 from here. The first thing I noticed was how cheap it felt in the hands when I pulled it out of its box. Thinking to myself, what a cheap piece of crap I bought. I drove to Costco and filled my tires with nitrogen and put it up against their pressure gauge. Holy moly, this gauge was exact compare to Costco's pressure gauge monitor to the T. I was left scratching my head. How can something so cheap in price and plastic we were so damn good? I'm 100% satisfied and glad I purchase it. Lol. Thank you Amazon and to this company for a great deal.” - meee

“It works just like the directions on the product description say. I used it to fill my car tires to between 43-44 PSI. My first tire inflator didn't have a gauge on it, so this came in handy. I double-checked the accuracy by using two other tire pressure gauge I had to lie around. They were all about the same. The second tire inflator I bought (the first one took forever and was really loud), had a built-in analog gauge, which I thought was going to make this digital gauge obsolete, but good thing I had it because the analog one was way off. I uploaded a picture of all the gauges. I definitely prefer the digital one.” - Erin

Warm Socks

Price: $10

When the winter months hit, being in a truck can make staying warm hard to do. Being prepared with warm socks can help you stay cozy by keeping your feet warm.  Get these shipped from Amazon now!

warm socks

Warm Trucker Sock Reviews

“I just bought these for my husband who builds ships in the northwest and is always working outside in the very cold, windy elements on the/next to the ocean. We have tried other long johns/underclothes to keep him warm and they all have helped to some degree but he still complained of freezing his A** OFF. I got the whole Carhartt set thermal pants, shirt, and cold weather work boot socks. I followed the reviews stating they ran a little small and bought him (XL) which is one size up on the pants, they are a smidge baggy but will shrink down in the wash (he says they are already perfect) I bought the shirt true to size due to another gentleman review, my husband typically wears a Large shirt so I got him a Large, fits perfect. Anywho, we got them and they are thick AF and durable. We typically love Carhartt products Beanies, jackets, work pants, and coveralls. They are sturdy and durable for hard work, plus it's cute that my kiddos get to match dad. But I was worried when it came to these that for the price that I was just paying for the name and not cold weather blockers. But my husband says they F'ing ROCK. SO WE WILL BE BUYING ABOUT 2-4 MORE SETS (pants, shirt, and socks for $76.??) AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO THOSE FREEZING YOUR BUTTS OFF JUST TRYIN TO MAKE A LIVING!!!! LOL or for those who just want them for leisurewear too. LOL." - Willow R.

"I have been wearing the Cold Weather Boot sock since the year 2000. I usually found them at a local store, which now wants to carry "L"large rather than "M"medium. I have a men's 7.5 USA foot size. Even though an "L" foot range covers my foot size my experience is over time it stretches and the sock heal ends up above my heal and wears a blister. Medium has a range of 5-10. This fits me perfectly from the start and even 5 years later. I keep about 7 pairs of these and rotate them out weekly and my last pairs did last me 5 years. I like the reinforced toe and heel. As a handyman doing all kinds of work, I like my feet to feel cushioned and protected.” - Woodchuck

Tactical Flashlight for Truckers

Price: $10

Flashlights are a great gift to give for truckers. When they're walking in a dimly lit parking lot, this will come in handy, as well as when inspecting their semi-truck while at night!  Pick up a tactical flashlight on Amazon here!


Trucker Tactical Flashlight Reviews

“I bought this flashlight for the spotlight feature, and it is the primary setting I use. When in this mode there is some dissipation the further away you try to see, but it works well enough to see at least a half-acre away from my house and into the edge of the woods. I have been able to identify deer, coyotes, and raccoons that have upset my dogs at night. I highly recommend it.” - Mindy

“I bought this to take with me when I walk my dogs in the nighttime. It is exactly what I was hoping for. Small enough to carry...but this light is POWERFUL!!!! I love that it's adjustable. I won't ever be without it when I walk them after dark.” - Melody B.