Truck Driver Company Orientation Overview

phase 5

Going through the contract and paperwork

  • The first step to moving from graduating CDL Training School to starting with your company is the dreaded paperwork. Yes, we said it, but it must be done. Once you get through the paperwork it's all exciting things from there.

Knowing the information about your company

  • Researching and knowing all things about your company is important. Once your paperwork is done, you will do a company orientation to fill your brain with company information and be officially welcomed!

Fully understanding EOBR and logs

  • EOBR's or Electronic On-Board Recorders are used to track the amount of time a commercial vehicle is being driven, this is the same with logs. Back in the day, paper logs were the way all companies were able to track your miles, but now there are electronic logs being used that will do that for you.

Going through your skills review

  • Before you are assigned a semi-truck, route, and trainer, you will be tested on the skills you learned at CDL Training School. No need to worry, just think of it as a refresher course!

Being assigned a trainer

  • The last step before going OTR is being assigned a trainer. You will be placed with a Driver Trainer/Mentor that drives with you for your first weeks to make sure you are ready to go on your own.  The Driver Trainer's job is to teach you more of the "real world" experience of trucking so that you're comfortable with the day-to-day job requirements. 

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