The first thing you learn after trucking school...

Imagine this, you are now trucking over-the-road... You got the green light from family and your spouse, you picked the right school and company for you, and you graduated and earned your CDL license!  CONGRATS - but now the learning REALLY starts.

Now is the time to get the hang of trip planning. It is extremely important that you're on time, if not ahead of time when your load is due. Learning trip planning and making a daily schedule can ensure that you will be able to think about things such as weather, delays, road closures and so much more to make sure you're ON TIME.  Take a look at the videos below from Trucker Wayne & Trucker Glenn who have years and years of experience with trip planning.  

Back To The Basics Of Trucking: Time Management

Trucking 101: Trip Planning & Daily Schedule

The Importance of Trip Planning & Time Management

  • When you do a trip plan, you won't be rushed. You will leave time for meals, exercise, sleep, whatever you may need.
  • Time management is important in any type of job, but in truck driving, it is extremely important. You need to give yourself enough time to make it to your shipper just in case you run into construction, an accident, an emergency, anything that might cause you to take longer than your GPS might say.
  • Daily schedules can help you check things off your list and be productive in a trucking career.
  • Being a truck driver gives you the freedom to basically make your own schedule. Do you prefer driving at night or in the morning? You can decide what hours you sleep and what hours you're driving. It's all about managing that time in between picking up a load and dropping one-off.

All of the above points only prove further that doing well at time management and trip planning can only help you in a truck driving career.

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