How To Research Your New Career and Choose The Right School For You

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Know what to expect at CDL training

  • Earning your Class A CDL is a really big step to bettering your life! Training may be different at each school, but the schools that we partner with, it can take around 4 weeks for you to graduate. Week 1 is mainly classroom work, learning out of the book, and studying. Week 2 and 3 will be spent out on the range learning backing, turning, etc. As well as out on the road learning to drive with other obstacles including other motor vehicles. Week 4 is when you begin to prepare yourself to take your CDL exam.

Finding a reputable trucking company

  • You will hear good and bad things about pretty much all truck driving companies. But what will be the best fit for you? Will it be going through a large carrier company that pays for your schooling or will you pay to earn your CDL license and go with a small ma and pop trucking company. It is all up to your preference. Driver Solutions specializes in getting those who are in need of financial help through a training program where the only upfront cost to them is to pay for food while they are in school.

Types of jobs to choose from

  • OTR, Team, Solo, Dedicated, and Local. These are the main types of trucking jobs, each are explained below.
    • OTR (over-the-road): This is where you are out for 2-3 weeks at a time and then home for a few days before you leave again. Easier for those that don't have a family or a lot of bills back at home. There's the potential to make really good money since you are getting miles all the time.
    • Team: The best way to make the most money starting off. Team driving is when you have a co-driver in the big rig with you. You make more per mile and you drive more miles during the week.
    • Solo: Some truckers prefer to not share their truck with someone else. They do solo driving, you can make your own sleep schedule, etc without worrying about another persons' opinion.
    • Dedicated: This is a type of lane and route that is the same each time; offering consistent miles and pay
    • Local: These are routes that are near your hometown where you are most likely home every night, usually local opportunities come after you get at least 4 months experience or more.
  • More truck driving jobs and their descriptions can be found here.

Knowing what a truck driving lifestyle looks like

  • Being over-the-road truck driving can put a strain on any and all of your relationships. You can potentially be gone for 3-4 weeks and only home for a few days before it is time for you to head out again. Truck driving is not just a career, it is a lifestyle. And it is something that will definitely take some to get used to. Many veteran truckers say that their first 3 months OTR is the hardest and can be the breaking point for many, but if you can push through it, it will be worth it in the end.

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Requirements to become a truck driver

  • You must pass a DOT exam.
  • Be 21 years of age.
  • Be able to read and write English.
  • Have a valid U.S. Drivers License.
  • More details on the requirements can be found here.

Knowing how truck driver pay works

  • Actual pay differs per company and whether you are driving solo or team, but all pay goes by miles. Each company pays a set amount of cents per each mile that you drive, and you get paid weekly. As you get more experienced, the higher the pay and the more opportunity and doors will open!

Going with a Sponsored CDL Training Program

  • Driver Solutions matches you up at a school nearest to you. It is a Sponsored CDL Training Program, which means, the only upfront cost to you is to get your CDL permit and to pay for food while you're at school. The cost of your hotel is paid for by us. Once you are done with schooling, you will sign a 1-year contract to drive with a company. During that 1-year you will pay a small amount back for schooling by getting a percentage taken out of your paycheck. For those looking for financial help with their schooling, this is the best way for you to go. 

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