Being fully prepared for CDL Training School

phase 3

Knowing what you're getting into

  • Deciding to earn your CDL license is a big step and it is important to know what you're getting yourself into. Becoming a truck driver is a lifestyle, not just a career. You will be gone for weeks at a time, living out of your truck. Not able to talk with friends, family, etc except through a cell phone. Remember that going to CDL training school is a big commitment that can last around 1 month! You must be fully dedicated to trucking for it to work as a career, do your research and think about what's important to you before diving in.

Online CDL Training

  • There are ways to be better prepared before getting to school, including online CDL training. On your Driver Solutions Driver Account, there is a CDL sample question test that can help you get ready for your first day at school. As well as other online materials to help you succeed!

Making sure you are financially ready

  • A big step to take before coming to school is to make sure that you are financially prepared. Keep in mind, it'll be a few weeks before you're bringing home an actual paycheck. Being ready to keep your bills paid while getting your CDL is extremely important. 

Pack all the necessary materials

  • Make sure when you head to school, that you pack the appropriate amount of clothes, toiletries, etc. It will be like you are on a getaway for up to a month, be sure to bring all things necessarily because it may be a while before you can head home (depending on how far you travel).

Speaking with your family before making the decision

  • Do not forget to talk with your family and make sure that they know the change that is about to happen with them. They need to know and understand what reality will be like once you become a truck driver.

The Driver Solutions way

  • When you go through Driver Solutions we give you the resources you need to be fully prepared to earn your CDL! This includes but is not limited to; free online training access, speaking with a driver agent, your driver account with resources, etc. 

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