About Philadelphia Truck Driving School

Driver Solutions has partnered with a truck driving school in Philadelphia to help students get the training needed to obtain a Class A CDL license.   Through our company sponsored CDL training program, new drivers will learn the skills needed to hit the road making up to $75,000 in the first year.

In just about a month, students who attend our truck driving school in Philadelphia can develop the skills needed to become professional drivers.  There's really no way around it - this is the absolute best way to get started!

What's Covered at Our Philadelphia Truck Driving School?

In the Classroom
Truck driving school begins in the classroom learning the basic information required to get a Class A CDL permit. In addition, students also learn about logging procedures, trip planning, map reading, accident prevention tips and more. 

On the Range
Philadelphia Truck Driving SchoolThe driving skills emphasized at our Philadelphia CDL training location include:

  • Shifting techniques
  • Coupling/uncoupling the trailer
  • Backing skills
  • Left and right turn techniques
  • Pre-trip inspection of the truck

All CDL trainers will emphasize teaching you the driving skills required to pass the CDL skills test at the end of the training program.

Road Training
After a student becomes comfortable on the range, it's time to navigate through roads and practice such things as defensive driving and accident prevention, shifting techniques, left and right turns, and mechanical operation of the vehicle.

You'll get ample hours of actual drive time, ensuring you get the experience you need to get your CDL.

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Cost of CDL Training in Philadelphia

You're probably wondering about the cost of training, right?  With our company-sponsored CDL training program, you can get started with no upfront tuition costs through a 12-month employment agreement. 

The only upfront costs for CDL training will be the licensing fees and any money needed for food while at training.  Should any lodging be needed, it will be covered by the trucking company.  

Philadelphia CDL Training Reviews

"These guys are top class. So glad I was sent here. I had a great experience and learned a lot. I passed my CDL test today. Thanks so much." - Dan Schmidt

"Great school fantastic instructors managed to get my cdl and head back home in 3 weeks and 1 day times. Heading to Arkansas to get my road miles in thanks to them. "  - Franklin Figueroa

"II was lucky to go to this school. Everyone at the Philadelphia campus were extremely helpful in getting me started."  - Rich McCleary

Pennsylvania Truck Driver Jobs

Upon completing truck driving school in Philadelphia, graduates will have a job opportunity based near their homes. We currently have truck driving jobs in or around these Indiana cities:

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