Reviews About Pennsylvania Truck Driving School

Looking for reviews about truck driving school in Pennsylvania? Read the reviews below from CDL school students who have been through the Driver Solutions training program. Each unique review shares highlights from their time spent in truck driving school. Read these reviews and apply today!

“Everything was great. The training was awesome and very good. The instructors were awesome, especially Troy, who took the time to help me out as much as possible.” - Daniel D.

“I had a very positive experience in the program, it was a long, hot summer at the start of my term 7/15/19, we were short one truck, and a staff member was on medical leave. The staff was very supportive and always encouraging me to keep moving forward through the program. There were times when I wasn't as motivated and even a bit discouraged. I knew I wanted to earn my CDL, so I had to shake off my doubt, refocus on my training, and complete my program, which resulted in earning my CDL. I am very proud of myself and thankful to the staff at AAA Trucking School. I could not have completed this journey without their guidance and positive feedback. I would definitely refer anyone to this program. Thank you Driver Solutions and Pam Transport, Triple A School." - Larry W.

“Overall it's a great school. It took a little bit longer to get through than I was anticipating due to the fact that there was a shortage of instructors; I was told by PAM that I would be done in 3 to 4 weeks. Other than that, everything was good. Troy is a great instructor; he does a lot more than he has to and/or gets paid for.” - Benjamin H.

“Thank you Driver Solutions for helping me get my CDL license.” - Bitherson S.


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