Know how to best prepare yourself for your time OTR with your trainer!

Imagine this, you are about to start your journey as a truck driver, you are getting ready to go Over-the-Road (OTR) with your Driver Trainer but you have NO idea what to bring! Being prepared is a great quality to have. You already went through CDL training to prepare you for the real truck driving world, but how do you prepare yourself for knowing how much and what exactly to bring with you on the truck?

Take a look at the videos below from Trucker Chad and Matt From Bonafide Trucking who both were in your shoes not too long ago after they graduated from CDL Training School! Be prepared to take notes and make a list so you are fully prepared to start your truck driving journey.

Over the Road Training - What to Bring on Truck with Driver Trainer - Trucker Chad

What To Bring On A Trainer's Truck

New Trucker Packing Checklist

  • Don't overpack! There isn't a ton of room in a semi-truck and you are coming into someone else's space. Only bring the essentials.
  • Work boots or hiking boots; preferably steel toe and waterproof for all work/weather conditions.
  • Gloves. Preferably waterproof as well.
  • Flashlight. Trucker Chad recommends a rechargeable one!
  • Shower shoes! As Trucker Chad said they are "crucial".
  • Safety vest; something that is neon and visible at night.
  • Only bring a couple of weeks of clothes; socks underwear, shorts, etc.
  • Non-perishable foods. Things that can be microwaved. Some trainers may not have room in their small refrigerator. 
  • Toiletries; only necessities. 
  • And more - watch the full videos to get a full list!

Don't Overpack

As both Trucker Chad and Matt said, don't overpack, be respectful of your trainer. They live out of this truck, so do not bring things that aren't absolutely necessary for your survival for the couple of weeks you are traveling with them. If you go off of the above list, you will be set for success!

Ready to Roll?

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